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OSCPCR issued Notice to Authority of KISS, Bhubaneswar on Missing of Tribal child

OSCPCR issued Notice to Authority of KISS, Bhubaneswar, SDPO, DCPO of  Malkangiri  to submit  report on Missing  of Bonda Tribal  boy from KISS Tribal School by 30.5.18

 On 8.5.18,  taking  cognizance  of complaint  case filed  by Pradip Pradhan, Human Rights Activist, Odisha State Commission for Protection of Child Rights ( OSCPCR), Bhubaneswar  has issued  notice  to Authority of KISS Tribal School, District Child Protection Officer, Malkangiri, Superintendent of Police, SDPO and Inspector-in-Charge, Pokhariput Police station, Malkanagiri  seeking  detailed report individually by 30.5.18  on Missing of Bonda tribal  Boy  who was  studying in KISS Tribal School  of Achyut Samant, newly elected  Rajya Sabha MP of Biju Janata Dal.

On 7.5.18, Sri Pradip Pradhan   filed complaint to OSCPCR seeking an inquiry into missing of a Bonda tribal child from KISS Tribal School, Bhubaneswar. Bonda Tribal boy named Rama Chandra was studying in class- VIII and got missing since 3 years. Having been influenced by agents of KISS Tribal School with assurance of free education and hostel facility, his mother has sent Ramachandra   to KISS tribal school, Bhubaneswar with great hope of educating   and nourishing him as meritorious student.  Having failed to find out her son, she  has   filed  an FIR in Pokhariput Police station, Malkangiri district  seeking an inquiry  into missing of her son and  find out his whereabouts. Sri Pradhan has alleged   that KISS Authority  has neglected  and not taken care of  Rama Chandra properly for which he is missing. Trafficking of Rama Chandra also can not be ruled out. KISS as institution is illegal, as it has not been registered  under Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.

In case of WPCRL 102 of 2007 the Hon’ble Supreme Court has already directed that “The Union Government and the governments of the States and Union Territories must ensure that the process of registration of all child care institutions is completed positively by 31st December, 2017 with the entire data being confirmed and validated. The information should be available with all the concerned officials. The registration process should also include a data base of all children in need of care and protection which should be updated every month. While maintaining the database, issues of confidentiality and privacy must be kept in mind by the concerned authorities”.

It is needled  to mention here that Bonda tribe, a most vulnerable  and marginalized Primitive Tribal Group  is residing  in  small patch of Bonda Hill of Malkangiri district, most underdeveloped  and naxal-affected district of Odisha.  Bonda tribes  are   still primitive  in  nature  and deprived section of society and survive in abject poverty , hunger and malnutrition. Most of them are illiterate and deprived  of school education. The State  Govt. is  undertaking a  lot  of  special project  including  Bonda  Development  Authority  for  upliftment  of Bonda tribes.

Pradip Pradhan

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