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How Nabin Patnaik is defrauding Odisha?

How Nabin Patnaik is defrauding Odisha?

On the eve of visit of Prime Minister to Odisha,  Nabin Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha  has played another political trick ( genuine fraud trick ) by  writing  a letter to the Central Govt.   seeking allocation of more food-grains  for 34.40  lakh people of Odisha under  Public Distribution System covered under National Food Security Act.   As per section 3(1) of the NFSA,  the Central  Government has  fixed allocation of   21.09 lakh tons of food-grains for 3.26 crore beneficiaries i.e., poor people of Odisha whose food security is in danger, fixed  by Central Govt ( schedule-IV of the Act).  But as per the information obtained under RTI, presently total no. of 3.23 crore  (  around 84 lakhs families ) are getting food grains under PDS in Odisha.   Besides that around 10 to  15 lakh applications are pending in different blocks seeking  ration card  for food-grains under NFSA. They are poor and deserved to get the card.   If both  the figure ( 3.23 crore beneficiaries + 34.40 lakh families  sought by CM to be covered under PDS ) is taken into account, then total no. of  3 .57 crore  people of Odisha ( roughly 4 crore people ) deserve to get ration card, as they are  poor and lives in food  insecurity. As  their  food security  has reached in such acute stage,    they   have  come forward to  take ration card  just to get  5 kg of rice per person per month ( section 3 of NFSA) to satisfy their hungry belly.

 It is  concluded  that in view of  acute food scarcity  of the poor and finding lakhs of genuine applications pending for ration card, Nabin Patnaik  finding no way  for solution of this problem   has written letter  to Central Govt. for  additional allocation of  food-grains  for 34.40 lakh people of Odisha . It means    the 18 years of Nabin Patnaik Govt.  has made 4 crore of people poor  who are  unable to mobilise two square meal per  day   and deserve to get ration card.

On the other hand, the same Nabin Patnaik Govt. has  claimed  that  poverty ratio  has drastically reduced  to 26.90 % in the state. In the State Economic survey report for 2017-18 presented in the last  budget session, it is mentioned  that  the poverty ration which was 32.59% in 2011-12 has been reduced to 26.90 in 2017.  Similarly,  per capita income has increased to  Rs. 72,780 in 2017 and  estimated to reach at  Rs. 92,727 in 2018. The state Domestic Growth Rate  has increased to  7.14 which is higher than  that of National growth rate ( 6.5).

If there is huge growth rate and substantial reduction of poverty in Odisha,  then  why 4 crore of people  are still knocking at the door of Govt. to get just 5 kg of rice per month under PDS. Are  they really poor   or Nabin Patnaik Govt. has made them  permanently poor. So that  they  can mobilise central  fund in their name and  loot it.

The above mentioned statistics shows  how  Nabin Patnaik is defrauding us  showing us a false growth rate  through  statistical jugglery by keeping crores of people in abject poverty and hunger.

Pradip Pradhan

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