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Missing of tribal child of KISS Tribal School case filed in CWC, Khurda , Odisha

Complaint case filed in Child Welfare Committee, Khurda  seeking inquiry into trafficking,  illegal confinement and abduction of tribal children by  KISS Tribal School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
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On 2.5.18, Dr. Subas Mohapatra  has filed  a complaint petition to Chairman, Child Welfare Committee, Khurda { a statutory  body constituted under juvenile Justice ( care and protection of children)  Act, 2015 } seeking an inquiry into the trafficking, abduction and Illegal confinement of Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribe   Children by Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar and to seal down the said non-registered organization under JJA- 2015   and to rescue and rehabilitation of Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribe Children from the custody of  KISS Authority which is under   jurisdiction of CWC, Khurda.

 Dr. Mohapatra has alleged that  KISS Authority under control of Achyut Samant, newly elected  Rajya Sabha MP  of Biju Janata Dal ( BJD)  having criminal conspiracy with ulterior motief is engaged in trafficking, kidnapping and illegally confining the minor boys and girls from scheduled tribes communities from all across the State of Odisha and keeping all the juveniles, both need and care and conflict with law, further illegally confining them under a name and style of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences without valid registration of JJA 2015. He has further alleged that  the authority in association with other law enforcing bodies are engaged in running a child- sex and kidney transplantation racket under disguise of social service organization. One Ramachandra Mandra, s/o. Mangalu Mandra of Mudulipada Police Station in Malkangiri District has been told to be missing, but the realities are mysteriously unknown to the concerned authorities who are duty bound to know and take legal action.

 In case of WPCRL 102 of 2007 the Hon’ble Supreme Court has already directed that “The Union Government and the governments of the States and Union Territories must ensure that the process of registration of all child care institutions is completed positively by 31st December, 2017 with the entire data being confirmed and validated. The information should be available with all the concerned officials. The registration process should also include a data base of all children in need of care and protection which should be updated every month. While maintaining the database, issues of confidentiality and privacy must be kept in mind by the concerned authorities”.

The petitioner has requested CWC to inquire  into  it and take  quick  action against KISS authority and seal illegally run KISS tribal school within 15 days.

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 7.5.18

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