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Is BJP genuinely interested to take up corruption charges against Nabin Patnaik

Is BJP genuinely interested to take up corruption charges against Nabin Patnaik-led BJD Govt. or just want to create political hiccups in Odisha

On the eve of visit of Prime Minister to address public  meeting in Odisha, BJP top brass has released a list of 36 corruption charges against Nabin Patnaik Govt., most corrupt Govt. in history of Odisha.  As we see since last several years, BJP has not taken up a single corruption issue of Nabin Patnaik and organised massive  campaign against any corruption issue   in the state despite being aware  about involvement of this Govt. in many scams. Rather , BJP has tried  its best to  protect scamster Nabin and nexus of BJP central leadership and Nabin is quite known  to every body  in political circle.  Without disturbing Nabin , BJP has tried  to garner his support   for its political interest   starting from support  for presidential election to demonetisation.  In the name of maintaining policy of equi-distance, Nabin has tried its best to help BJP  at centre. BJP in the state   is still in the state of confusion and disillusionment to fight out aggressively against BJD. That’s why BJP has not yet been able  to take on Nabin  on any corruption issue in the state.

 CBI inquiry into chit fund scam  has been derailed  due to unholy alliance of BJP central leadership and Nabin.  Despite recommendation of Justice Shah Commission, CBI inquiry into mining scam, multi-crore scam, biggest scam in history of Odisha  was not yet  happened  due to BJP. The Central Govt. has not yet filed  any affidavit   in Supreme Court  for CBI inquiry into Odisha Mining Scam.  Similarly ,  being pretty aware  about illegal SIET closure  and OKCL Ghotala and misappropriation of crores of central fund for  computer education,   BJP leadership remained silence and precariously failed to influence central Minister for HRD for inquiry into it.  BJP has also failed  to take micro corruption issues of thousand crores scam  like  NREGA  SCAM, Chhatua Ghotala, irregularities in distribution of houses  under IAY, PMAY and Biju Pucca Yojana, infamous land scam in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Dal Scam, OMFED SCAM, Corruption in Odisha State Cooperative Bank  etc.

Sri  Jual Oram, Minister  for Tribals  has  not  conducted  a single inquiry into central fund hugely misappropriated  and diverted  by BJD govt. Sri Oram  has tried  to protect another scamster and land Mafia, Rajya Sabha MP of BJD Sri Achyuta Samant  and continues granting huge fund to KIIT and KISS. BJP leadership enjoys close  proximity of  corrupt leaders of BJD and their henchmen like Achyut Samant.

BJP’s so-called   corruption charges  against BJD is limited to only press meet  and media highlight. We do not see any concrete  campaign strategy  to fight out  corruption issue at micro and macro level.  That’s why  BJP has not  succeeded  to put the Govt. in trouble  on a single  corruption charge , though there are number of corruption cases  has been exposed  under RTI  which BJP leadership is aware  about it.

The political behaviour  and language of BJD and BJP are same  and both the parties are pretending  as messiah of the cause of the people but in true sense they support each other and contribute each other   in their corrupt practice .  

Pradip Pradhan

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