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Memo to PM on appointment of Lokpal from OSAA

Dear friends

During week-long Anti-corruption Campaign organised  by Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan in 23 districts of Odisha from 1st to 7th April 2017, we have undertaken signature campaign    to build up public opinion  and generate public demand for immediate constitution of Lokpal at Centre.  Hundreds of the people joining in our campaign have supported our drive by signing memorandum  addressed to Prime Minister, India  for constitution of Lokayukta at centre.  This memorandum has already been despatched  to Prime Minister’ office on 24.4.17.  The text of Memorandum is  presented below for Readers’ reference.

Pradip Pradhan
State Convener


Memorandum to Shri Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India for convening the meeting of Lokpal Selection Committee for long awaited institution of Lokpal at Centre

Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, New Delhi

SUB: Request for convening the Meeting of Lokpal Selection Committee for instituting of long awaited Lokpal at the Centre

Dear Prime Minister,

We, the  following  signatories, joining in Anti-Corruption Campaign Organized by Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan through out the State from 1st April to 7th April, 2017 bring to your kind notice the following matter seeking your judicious action.

Well aware as you are, the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act 2013, the premier anticorruption law which provides for setting up watchdog bodies like Lokpal at Centre and Lokayuktas in States, was enacted by Parliament in response to a strident country-wide people’s movement that demanded the institution of such bodies forthwith to free the nation from an all-pervasive menace of corruption. The Act was duly notified in Official Gazette on 1st January 2014 and had come into force on 16th January 2014. Thereafter the series of Rules concerning Lokpal Selection Committee and Search Committee and also Disclosure of Assets and Liabilities by Public Servants have also been made and are in place. But, it is a matter of great anguish that the people of the country feel utterly shocked and betrayed for the glaring failure of the present Government at Centre to set up Lokpal despite a long lapse of more than 3 years from the enforcement of the Act and Rules.

Moreover, in absence of a Lokpal at the Centre and taking this excuse, different State Governments including Odisha who had passed their respective Lokayukta Bills albeit in a haphazard manner, have been showing their reluctance to go ahead for setting up Lokayuktas after effecting proper amendment to the hurriedly passed defective Bills. Thus, the institution of Lokayuktas in States does also decisively depend on the institution of Lokpal at Centre.  

As you know too well, it is none else than the Prime Minister himself who is the prime mover to set the entire process of instituting of Lokpal at the Centre into motion, since he happens to be the ex-officio Chairman of Lokpal Selection Committee. But, to the best of our knowledge, the PM has not called any single meeting of this august Committee till date, letting thereby the whole issue of instituting Lokpal at Centre hang fire, to the utter surprise and anguish of the whole nation who had wholeheartedly fought for it in not too distant past.  

You are therefore earnestly requested to initiate the process of instituting Lokpal at Centre, by calling the meeting of Lokpal Selection Committee at the earliest, and thereby pave the way for proper operationalization of Lokayuktas in States across the country.

Signature of the people joined in Anti-corruption Campaign organised by OSAA in 23 districts of Odisha

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