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Four Years passed with expenditure of Rs. 3 crore on Judicial Inquiry intoChit Fund with no result

Three crores spent for Judicial Commission on Chit Fund within four years with no Result

After  series of protests, Dharana and rally by innocent depositors  under the banner of Arthika Sansthamananka Dwara Khyatigrasta Milita Manch ( ASSKM)  across the state against fraud  Chit Fund Companies   promoted  by BJD Govt. ( Chief Minister  and other so-called  high profile Ministers  were brand Ambassador for  few fraud companies  like  Seashore  Company)   and some unscrupulous individuals collecting public deposits by defrauding innocent depositors,  the State Govt. constituted a Judicial Commission on 9.3.2013  to enquire into it  and submit the report within three months.

 The terms of reference of the Commission were as follows.
A.   Indentify the individuals and entities who have indulged in unauthorised  collection of public deposits  in Odisha.
B.   Probe and bring out involvement of influential persons , bureaucrats and other sections of the society, if any in protecting  or promoting  such illegal activities.
C.   Suggest measures to safeguard the interest of genuine investors affected by recent incidents  relating to unauthorised collection of public deposits  and its misappropriation.
D.   Suggest safeguard measures to ensure financial security  for the genuine investors  ad prevention  of such problem in future.
E.    Identify the bona fide investors  affected  by the unauthorised  financial transactions of fraudlent financial  establishments / companies  and suggest  the modalities  for payment of compensation, names of  the small investors eligible for compensation and the amount of compensation  payable from the corpus fund set up  by the Govt. for the purpose.
Sri Justice R.K.Patra, retired Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court  was appointed as Chairman of the Commission on 9.7.2013. After his death, Justice M.M. Das was appointed as Commission of  Inquiry  on 20.2.2015.

RTI Application was filed  to the PIO, Dept. of Home, Govt. of Odisha  seeking  information about   functioning  of the Commission,  report , if any submitted  by the Commission and  details of  expenditure made  for the Commission. The information provided by the PIO, Dept. of Home and Commission of  Inquiry on Unauthorised  Collection of Public Deposits is as follows.

A.       On 25.5.2016, the Commission has produced its first report  to State Govt

B.      On 3.2.2017, the Commission  has  handed over its second report to State Govt.

C.      Total Expenditure ( from 2013-14 to 2016-17)
·         Pay and allowance to Commission ad staff                   Rs. 1,99,64,298.00
·         Electricity dues                                                                           Rs.      2,15,481.00
·         Telephone Charges                                                         Rs.      1,89,368.00
·         Payment to OCAC for digitalisation of the affidavit        Rs.     84,39,955.00
·         Contingency                                                                     Rs.    22, 75,532.00
                                                        Total                                                       Rs.    3,10,84,634.00

A.     As per TOR, the Commission is required to submit the report within 3 months.  But the Commission has taken four years to  complete the inquiry.
B.      Though four years passed, the Commission is yet to produce  the final report.
C.      Though the Commission has produced two reports, the State Govt. has not taken any steps  on the Report.
D.     More than 3 crores of rupees has been spent for Commission. But  the innocent  Depositors are yet to get justice.
E.      This is the efficiency, efficacy of the State Government and their  concern for poor depositors.

Pradip Pradhan

Date- 16.4.17 

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