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Smt. Sashiprava Bindhani, most Inefficient Information Commissioner in Odisha-Why

Smt. Sashiprava Bindhani, most Inefficient Information Commissioner in Odisha-Why

 RTI is the most empowering law in India for the common people to think themselves as master of the country.  This law has not only empowered to citizens to access the information  held  by the public authorities  but  right to inspection of  records, documents and files in the offices of  Public Authorities.  Being empowered with RTI Act, the common people are using RTI to expose corruption as well as monitoring   status of their grievance petitions and denial of entitlements by officials. In case of complaints or appeals about denial of information or hindrance by the PIO to access the information, the State Information Commission is empowered to hear and dispose the case giving justice to the complainant/ appellant. If anybody is aggrieved with order of the Commission, he or she   is empowered to file complaint to Governor against State Information Commission under section 17 of the RTI Act seeking enquiry into it or challenge it  in High Court.  For this purpose, the copy of decision is required urgently from the office of Commission.

I am referring a case of Sashiprava Bindhani, SIC who has not only failed   to write the decision properly  but also    took months together to send the copy of the order.

1.      Being aggrieved  of   denial of the information by the PIO and First Appellate Authority,  office of Directorate of State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Odisha, I filed  second appeal to  Odisha Information Commission on 10.8.14.
2.      After two years, Hearing of the case started  in Odisha Information Commission. The  case is registered as Second Appeal No. 1971/2014.
3.       Smt. Sashiprava Bindhani , SIC who heard the case  fixing several dates  disposed my  case on 11.1.2017.
4.      It is generally expected  that the copy of the decision   will reach within few  days.
5.      But  I received the copy of my decision  on 10.4.17 , after around  3 months of disposal of the case.
6.         The moot question is  when Sashiprava Bindhani is drawing salary of Rs. 2,20,000/- per month with other allowances ad facilities  and supported by  a good number of Staff like Assistant Registrar, Law officer, Data processor and many more, why  she hears only  14 cases  in a day  and  takes  3 months to send copy of the order.  Is she incapable to write proceedings and order of the  case  and lack judicial  mind to quickly write  the order.  Or is she not  academically sound  to write order. 
7.      The primary work of  the people in Judiciary and quasi-judicial bodies  is  to hear the case properly,   deliver justice to aggrieved  people  and send  copy of the order to petitioner quickly in order to help him/her to pursue his/her case in another forum, if she or he  is not satisfied  with the decision.
8.      Is it not wastage of the public money?.   Even, the proceedings of the order also suffer from many mistakes.  Date of filling of Second Appeal, date of registration of Second Appeal, date of hearing of the cases, order of the Commission in different dates is not mentioned in the order.
9.      As the PIO has deliberately denied the information on useless ground,   Mrs. Bindhani exonerated him from penalty. 
10.  As the PIOs are being exonerated from penalty, they are seen encouraged to defy RTI Act and misbehaving the information-seekers.    

Pradip Pradhan


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