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Pradip Pradhan nominated as National Co-Convener of NCPRI

Pradip Pradhan nominated as  National Co-Convener of NCPRI
Pradip Pradhan, eminent RTI Activist  and State Convener of Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan has been nominated  as  National Co-Convener of NCPRI ( National Campaign for People’s Right to Information) , a  National Form of RTI Activists  working  for effective implementation of RTI Act  in the country  as well as  undertaking  campaign for   Lokpal, Judicial accountability, Whistle-blowers’  Protection Act , Grievance Redressal law  etc. He enjoys position of one of National Co-conveners along with other eminent RTI Activists Sri Nikhil Dey, Sri Venkatesh Nayak, Smt. Anjali Bhardwaj  ( New Delhi), Ms. Pankti Josh ( Gujurat), Dr. Shaikh Ghulam Rasool ( J&K) , Rakesh Reddy Dubbudu ( Andhra Pradesh).
National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI) was founded in 1996. Its founding members included social activists, journalists, lawyers, professionals, retired civil servants and academics. One of its primary objectives was to campaign for a national law facilitating the exercise of the fundamental right to information. NCPRI played pioneering role  in pushing enactment of Right to Information Act  in the country in 2005.
Since 2005, year of beginning of implementation  of Right to Information Act in  the country, Sri Pradhan  along with few  Social Activists started  campaign  in Odisha to enforce implementation of RTI Act.  At early stage of campaign,   he  opposed  various  draconian provision of Odisha RTI Rules made by Govt. of Odisha to make the sun-shining law dysfunctional in the state  and demanded for  its withdrawal. After  a long campaign, the State Government on 29th May, 2006  amended  Odisha RTI Rules, first ever amendment  of Rules  in the country  which reduced  application fee from Rs. 20.00 to Rs. 10.00,  Fee for information from Rs. 5.00 to Rs. 2.00  etc.  But  still  Odisha Rules  remains anti-people  which  is  the core of the campaign of Sri Pradhan for  its withdrawal.   He  has  conducted  several trainings, workshops, seminars  and  State Conventions each year  in the state. He  has filed  more than 6000 RTI Applications  and exposed  number of corruptions and irregularities  in  implementation of Govt. scheme and Programme.  Last year   under his able leadership,  National Convention of  NCPRI on Right to Information was organised  in Bhubaneswar, capital city of Odisha   from 14th to 16th 2017.  Through RTI , he  has also monitored  implementation of various programme and  functioning of   various  Commissions etc.  He is  the  founder of Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan  and leading  this campaign as State Convener  since last 12 years.
Under his leadership, OSAA has been emerged  as vibrant network of RTI Activists  in the state having its district level network  in 25 districts. Over the years, hundreds of RTI Activists have joined in this campaign. It has  a core body of 70 members  at State level  which sits  every month  to chalk out action plan to broad-base  campaign and take up  various issues affecting the state.  Sri Pradhan has compiled 25 booklets , campaign materials, posters , leaflets  on RTI and written a number of articles  on RTI related issues, published in local odia dailies.  
We wish all   success  in his endeavour   for enforcing transparent and  accountable governance system   in the  country in general and Odisha in particular. 
Reported  by
Sri Akhand, Human Rights Activist
Working Group Member : CSFHR
Core group Member : OSAA


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