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distribution of Smart Phone to Women farmers in Odisha- A scheme of hoax

Decision to distribute Smart Phone to Women farmers in Odisha- 
A   scheme of hoax  and deception of Naven Patnaik Govt.

On 8.4.18,  Sri Surya Narayan Patra, Minister for Cooperation has declared  about State Govt.’s decision  to distribute Smart Phone to women farmers  free of cost.  Sri Patro has also stated  that   the information about  agriculture, climatic condition ,    technical advice  will be disseminated  to Women farmers   through Smart phone.  

As I recall, in 2013 just before 2014- Assembly election, Nabin Patnaik, Chief Minister declared   mobile scheme for farmers. Under the Scheme, a budgetary allocation of Rs. 2 crores was earmarked to distribute mobile to 20,000 farmers free of cost. A mega Mobile distribution ceremony was organised in Bhubaneswar to inaugurate launching of Mobile scheme.  Chief Minister launched the scheme and distributed mobile to few farmers free of cost.  As per RTI information, Total amount of Rs. 35 lakh  was spent  for this launching ceremony.   This mobile was distributed with the objective of sensitising the farmers through mobile message about agricultural schemes, technical advice for cultivation etc.

After one year of distribution of mobile phone to farmers, RTI Application was filed to few districts like Khurda, Bolangir, Kalahandi , Malkangiri  to  get  information about list of farmers distributed  mobile phones. The idea of seeking this information was to interview the farmers  about use of mobiles  by them and how it helps them  to get the  information about agriculture from the Govt.  Not a single District provided the information about the list of farmers.  The Govt. has also no list of farmers who received the mobiles.  There is also no study by the Govt.  about use of mobile by farmers or their family members. It was learnt from Govt. officials that  the mobiles were distributed  to the farmers  in view of forthcoming election of 2014 to woo  them  for votes.  Dissemination of information through mobile phone was just a plea for spending money from state exchequer to get votes.

As the forth-coming assembly election is nearby, the BJD Govt. is trying hard to   garner electoral support from different section of voters by declaring various lucrative schemes. Smart phone for women farmers is one of them.  The declared objective of  distribution smart phone  to women farmers   for information dissemination about  cultivation  is false  and deception.  The agenda is to mobilise women farmers for votes   in the coming assembly election   through Smart phone.

The people of Odisha must understand the evil design of Govt.  behind distribution of  Smart Phone which forced  around 200 farmers to commit suicide in Odisha.

Pradip Pradhan, M: 9937843482
Date: 09.04.2018

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