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Untold Story of a Sexually Harassed Lady Revenue Inspector under Odisha Govt.

Untold Story of a Sexually Harassed Lady Revenue Inspector and Her  saga of Struggle to get Justice

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This case was presented in the   Public Hearing organised on    “Status of Alleged Rape cases and Situation of Rape Victims in Odisha”  by Civil Society Groups  in Bhubaneswar on  29.12.17, as  the victim,  a  Dalit and Govt. employee presently serving  as Revenue Inspector under Gop Tahasil of Puri district had refused  to be publicly exposed  and present her ordeal.  She has run from pillar to post  to get justice , but in vain. Her untold story  which  was presented  as one of the seven cases  in the Public Hearing is  reproduced  for reference of the readers seeking their support  to give her justice.

The Victim   was working as Revenue Inspector in Badas Circle under Kanas Tahasil  of Puri district. On 23.3.16, she had gone to Kanas Tahasil for official work.  On that day, Sri Umakant Bal, senior clerk used very slang language against   her while appraising to Tahasildar about her presence in the office.  When she wanted to know about the reason,  Sri Bal got enraged  and  displayed  very rude behaviour with casteist remarks  against her. She also gave a push on her chest which has been recorded in CCTV camera.  She was humiliated and  on her way   back to home,   made  a call to Sri Sanjay Pratihari, Tahasilar, Kanas. Tahasildar did not respond. Prior  to this incident, Sri Bal  and Tahasildar  had misbehaved her many times and sexual remarks  and compelling her to work  in Tahasil office  even up to 9 PM with much harassment and humiliation.  It is to be mentioned here that since her joining, Sri Bal had been adopting various tricks  to get closer and lure  her for sexual benefit.  He had also advised her to get closer to Tahasildar and could take any benefits from him.  

However, after getting  humiliated  and harassed  with sexual remarks,  at first    she along with her mother went  to meet  Sri Madhusudan Das , Sub-Collector, Puri  and  filed  complaint  against  Sri Umakant Bal  and Tahasildar.  He assured her to solve the matter within 3 days but did not take  any steps till 6.4.2016.

On 7.4.16, the Victim personally met the Collector, Puri and   filed Complaint   seeking an inquiry and quick action against  the  culprits. On 17.4.2016, she filed complaint to Dr. Sarthak Sarangi, SP, Puri seeking an inquiry and action against perpetrators of crime. Nothing happened. No inquiry conducted. Rather both of them supported to  Tahasildar.

25.4.17,   she wrote a letter to  Chief Minister, Odisha appraising  him  about  details of incident and  sexual harassment caused  to her and prayed  for action against  both Tahasildar and Head Clerk. On  same   day, he filed  complaint to  Odisha Human Rights Commission, National Commission for Women, New Delhi, State Commission for Women, national Commission for Scheduled Caste and  National Human Rights Commission,  seeking an inquiry into it.

In the meantime, OHRC has closed the case on the basis of  report produced by SP, Puri. NHRC had issued to Human Rights Protection Cell, Cuttack, Govt. of Odisha  for inquiry.  Though HRPC conducted an inquiry, the inquiry report has not yet been submitted to NHRC, New Delhi.

In the meantime, she had filed RTI to get CD of recording of CCTV Camera  which was denied  to her. Now  she had been transferred to GOP  Tahasil, Puri and still  struggling  to get  justice.

Pradip Pradhan


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