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Public Hearing on “Status of Alleged Rape cases and Situation of Rape Victims” in Odisha

Open Invitation for State-level Public Hearing on “Status of Alleged Rape cases and Situation of Rape Victims” in Odisha Venue- Lohia Academy, Bhubaneswar, Date- 29.12.17

Dear friends,

Since last few years, Odisha  has witnessed  a rising trend of crimes like rape and molestation  on   woman,  and offense against tribals,  dalits and children  due to negligence of  police to register the FIR of victim   and  undertake proper inquiry and prompt measures to  nab the culprits. In many cases, the investigative agency is seen to derail and dilute investigation after being pressurised by the people at the top.  In the name of investigation, the police threaten and torture the victims and compel them to withdraw the allegation.  The poor victims suffer from humiliation, mental trauma and social exclusion and could not voice their protest against the police.  They run   from pillar to post to get justice, but in vain.
  The recent   incident of alleged rape  of   a Dalit  girl  from  Kunduli  village  of Koraput  district   by Cobra Para-military force  and of  rape  of Kasturi  Samantaray  by school teachers  and her consequent death as alleged  by her parents  in  Kendrapara  district  are two bright examples  of  how the police have masterminded  to   suppress the facts  and  dilute  the investigation. Media has also highlighted how Kunduli Rape victim has been humiliated and tortured by the police to pressure her to withdraw her statement on rape by Cobra Police.   Similarly, the parents of Kasturi   were bribed by Kendrapara district administration to withdraw the allegation.   Many   women employees have also filed allegation of being lured and molested   by Govt. officials.  But the investigation of their allegations has been suppressed by the police.

Under this backdrop, a Public Hearing is being organised   by Civil Society Groups with the objective of providing platform to rape victims and their relatives to speak about their allegation and as well as humiliation and mental trauma  suffered  by them,   status of police investigation and justice if any delivered  to them and their continuing struggle for justice.  We have identified a few cases of allegation of rapes and  how  the police has allowed  the criminals scot free.  The public hearing will be held at Lohia Academy, Bhubaneswar on 29.12.17 at 10.30.

We are inviting woman activists, NGOs and former bureaucrats, retired judges, advocates and intellectuals to attend the public hearing and share their views with the victims.

We request you to attend the same and share your views with the victims. 

Pradip Pradhan
On behalf of Civil Society Groups, Odisha 

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