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People having BPL Card as per 1997 survey still considered as BPL Family

People having BPL Card  as per 1997 survey still considered as BPL Family , says Govt. of Odisha
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While implementing National Food Security Act, Govt. of Odisha    identified beneficiaries termed as priority household   eligible to get foodgrains under TPDS and Antodaya Anna Yojana and distributed new Ration Card to them. Presently 3.25 crore people   have been covered under NFSA and availing ration at subsidised price.

The  common people  are under impression  that  old BPL cards  which is being commonly  used   to get foodgrains is replaced  by new  Ration Card.  Now the BPL cards are  outdated and irrelevant.  The Govt. officials   are seen asking the people to return  the BPL card, as the new Ration Cards are  given to them.   It deserves to be mentioned here that  BPL cards are not only used to get only ration  but  also  getting a lot of benefits  like  IAY, medical treatment  free of cost. Now the question comes  who the people are considered as BPL in Odisha.

To remove confusion and establish clarity  on this issue , RTI was filed  to the PIO, Dept. of Panchayat Raj Department, Govt. of Odisha   seeking information about status of BPL in Odisha and number of BPL people  still in Odisha. On 28.10.17,  the PIO has given the following reply.

1.    1997 BPL survey identifying as BPL family still stands today.
2.    Total no. of BPL families  in Odisha is 44,93,410
3.    Percentage of BPL family is 66.23.
4.    BPL card issued as per 1997 survey is still relevant to get all types of benefit  free of cost or subsidised rate.
5.    Boudh has highest BPL families with concentration of 80.20% followed by Deogarh ( 78.79%), Phulbani ( 78.42%).

a.              The people having BPL card should preserve it to get benefit from Government. 
b.              Misconception is removed and BPL card is still relevant for the poor and needy.

Pradip Pradhan

Date- 2.11.17

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