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ATR on Kalinga Nagar Police Firing by Govt. of Odisha

Action Taken Report of State Govt. on Report of Commission of Inquiry into Kalinganagar Police Firing in Jajpur district of Odisha

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On 14.12.16, RTI Application was submitted to the PIO, Dept. of Home, Govt. of Odisha seeking information about Recommendations of Commissions and Action Taken by the  Govt.. The PIO did not supply any information.  However, after notice issued by Odisha Information Commission on the Second Appeal petition, the PIO has supplied the following information on 12.2.18.

The State Government appointed Shri Justice Pradyumna Kumar Mohanty  as Commission fo Inquiry  on dated 4.9.2009 to enquire into  the incident of police firing  which occurred  at Kalinga Nagar in the district of Jajpur from the stage it was left by late Shri Justice P.K.Patra.

After completion of inquiry, the Commission submitted its report to Government on 3.7.15. After being examined in the Home Department, it was accepted by the Government on 8.6.2016.

Action Taken on the Report-

a.      The Commission in his report made three recommendations to the State Government as follows.
i.                    Formulation of beneficial, comprehensive schemes for giving benefits to the land loosers/displaced persons and while formulating such schemes the Government was to keep in view  the schemes adopted by Tata Steel Limited  in respect of the displaced persons of Kalinga Nagar.
ii.                  Provision of suitable employment to one member of each family of the deceased persons through beneficiary companies set us in the Kalinga Nagar Integrated Industrial complex.
iii.                Payment of Additional ex gratia to the persons who had been injured  during the police firing.

b.      Upon examination , it  was found that  the Odisha Resettlement  and Rehabilitation policy  of the Revenue  and Disaster Management  Department  in its amended  form  was progressive  and similar to the scheme  adopted  by Tata Steel Limited  in respect of  the displaced persons  of Kalinga Nagar. Hence , the recommendation of the Commission in this respect  has been complied.

c.       It was also found that at least one member each from the families of the persons deceased on account of the police firing incident  had been offered employment by the beneficiary companies in the Kalinga Nagar integrated Industrial Complex. . Hence, the recommendation of the commission in this respect has also been complied.

d.      On request of the Home Department, Government in the General Administration  Department  have released a sum of Rs. 16,50,000.00 in favour of the Collector, Jajpur for payment of additional /differential ex gratia to the injured persons.

Pradip Pradhan

Date- 18.2.18 

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