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IDCO denied copy of land lease agreement with KIIT

IDCO denied   copy of land  lease agreement with KIIT on ground of 3rd party information- What a face is this ?

Govt. land is public property and the State Govt. is trustee of the property.  The Govt. can not mismanage it without knowledge of the public. Any land leased out to anybody i.e., individual, institutions and Company by Govt.  and decision taken with regard to it   is a public document  discloseable under RTI Act.  Every citizen has right to know how  the  Govt. land is being managed, distributed, allotted, leased out by the State. Sincle implementation of RTI Act, the Information-seekers have been provided these lease agreements documents by General Administration Department, BDA, CDA and IDCO.  To comply RTI Act, IDCO has  also been supplying copy of lease agreement with SaI International School and many institutions  under RTI to Information-seekers including writer of this posting.

As  Achyut Samant, founder of KIIT is involved  in multiple  land scam and acquiring land through  fraudulent means  and illegal means  in connivance with corrupt bureacrats, I had  filed RTI Application dt.19.6.17 to the PIO, office of IDCO, Bhubaneswar  seeking the following information-

i.      Provide  copy of document with regard to details of decision taken  by IDCO to lease out  plot No. 17/A & 89/1 measuring Ac. 5.258  of land in lieu  of Plot No. N/8,N/9,N/6/1, N/6, N/7, N/4, N/5,N/2/1, N/2, N/1/C etc.  in favour of KIIT/KISS for expansion of existing institution  including copy of the file noting.

2. Provide copy of details of decision taken  to lease out plot no. 102, M/4 to M /19, , M/19/1, N/1/A, N/2/1, N/6,  measuring 14 acres of land to KIIT including copy of the file noting.

On 24.8.17, the PIO of IDCO has denied me the information on the ground of 3rd party information.   The statement of PIO is very ridiculous. The copy of lease agreement and decision taken at IDCO level to lease land is not at all 3rd party information.  This is not the information provided by the 3rd party i..e, KIIT.  This is the information generated by IDCO to lease out the land as per the law.

As because, huge irregularities is committed by Achyut Samant in connivance with corrupt officials of IDCO,  the disclosure of the said information  will expose it and  it will also be disastrous for them.

However, I have already filed first appeal to the First Appellate Authority of IDCO to direct the PIO to provide the information.

Pradip Pradhan


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