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Why Lokayukta is not constituted in Odisha by BJD Govt.

Nabin Patnaik, CM of Odisha is not only corrupt but promotes corruption and provides  protection to tainted Ministers, MLAs and officers- How

1. As I recall it is February 2014, the last assembly session of previous Govt. was going on. The assembly passed Odisha Lokayukta Bill with mandate to constitute an independent anti-corruption body I.e., Lokayukta empowered to independently investigate into any allegation of corruption  in a time-bound manner.  The then BJD Govt.  took much credit by passing this bill claiming that Odisha is the first state to enact such law. 

2.In the meantime, president of India has given assent to this bill since last two years. It has become law now. The only work with the State Govt.is to notify it in official Gazette and start the process of appointment of Lokayukta. 

3. But since last three years, Nabin Patnaik Govt. which claims most anti-corruption Govt. is maintaining ominous silence to appoint Lokayukta.  On the other hand,  the previous Lokpal system  which was hearing allegation of corruption of highest level is dysfunctional due to non-appointment of Lokpal by BJD Govt. 

As most of the BJD Ministers, MLAs and officers are corrupt and involved in lot of scam , the state Govt.  Is  not interested to appoint Lokayukta. This is the true character of Nabin Patnaik. This BJD Govt. has not only destroyed our economy but also constitutional and statutory bodies . That's why the people are left in hopeless world trying hard to fight out corruption by approaching to State vigilance which is another useless body under control of CM.

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 4.3.17

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