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33 lakh rupees earmarked for interior Decoration of Managing Director’s office of IDCO

An amount of Rs. 33 lakh earmarked for interior Decoration of Managing Director’s office of IDCO

It  has become  very common practice  in State administration  that those  bureaucrats  who are at helm of  affairs  spend huge money mindlessly  and carelessly  for  their luxury and comfort. They spend huge money  for renovation of their latrine,  bathroom,  interior decoration of their office, bed room in their quarters, balcony  They hardly pay attention  that they are using  money from state  exchequer   funded  by the poor  tax payers  of Odisha  who  continues  to pay tax  without objection  at the cost of their live  and livelihood  even  suffering  from hunger and malnutrition.  

Getting information from reliable  sources  about misuse of huge public money  by Managing Director, IDCO in name of renovation of his office  which  was not at all required, RTI Application  was submitted to the PIO, office of IDCO, Govt. of Odisha undertaking  seeking  information  about  details of expenditure made  for renovation  of office of  Managing Director, IDCO, Bhubaneswar  from 2009-10 to 2016-17.  The PIO on dated 24.10.16 has supplied the following information.

1.   From 2009-10 to 2015-16, no Managing Director or Chairman-cum-Managing Director has spent a single pie for renovation of their office. They were high-profile bureaucrats like Priyabrata Patnaik, CMD (25.1.10 to 22.12.11), Sri Pradeep Kumar Jena, CMD, (17.12.11 to 22.12.12).

2.   When Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh joined as Managing Director, IDCO on 30.11.15, he moved the proposal for renovation of the office.  Accordingly a proposal was made with estimated amount of Rs. 32, 82,900.00 for renovation of MD’s office and conference at IDCO tower, Bhubaneswar.   The total amount of Rs. 25, 33,433.00 has been spent till yet.

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 2.11.16

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