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RTI Service is available at door-step with Cost and free of cost by RTI Activists

RTI Service is available at door-step with Cost and   free of cost by RTI Activists of Odisha

Dear friends

All of you are aware that Nabin Patnaik Govt. is sitting on volcano of corruption, irregularities,  malpractice  and misappropriation of fund  in respect of every development work and project  implemented by  the  administration, procurement, granting licence and lease etc.  The corruption has gone to any extent  for which  the  common people  have been deprived  to access their entitlements   guaranteed under Indian Constitution and other laws  for the time being in force. For example,  the poor people  could not get IAY house or Biju Pucca house despite their persuasion to the administration.  The NREGA labourers are not paid their wage  for months together.   As a result, the poor remained  in hunger, died of starvation  and the children suffering from malnutrition across the state.

Since 2005,  RTI ( Right to Information Act)   has been used  as biggest  tool by the citizens to access their  service,  expose  corruption and redress their grievances.  The law has also  empowered  citizens not only access the information  but also monitor the functioning  of the governance system and do  tracking  the application  of their grievances. Like other states, in Odisha, RTI has been extensively used by RTI Activists to expose corruption   and bring to limelight the inside story of the administration.  RTI Activists have also exposed  the administrative inefficiency, lack of seriousness of bureaucracy  to address the problem of the people.  

It has come to our notice that many people though aware about RTI lack some fundamental knowledge  about the procedure  to be followed  to file RTI Application, first appeal, second appeal and take up the corruption  issues at appropriate level after getting information  about it. Govt. of Odisha has  made  the procedure  so  complicated that  the common people  can not  do follow up   of  his or her  application in  case of denial  of information  by   the PIO.

So, keeping it in view,   we have decided  to provide   RTI Service in terms of  filling application  for somebody or guiding anybody to access the information by using RTI or exposing and fighting out corruption through RTI  with cost or free of cost. We  do not have any problem to provide  our service to any political parties interested to carry out campaign on RTI.  We  have already  opened  a website www.odisharti.org to provide a lot of information  in public domain  in order to sensitise  the information-seekers. A google group  has been opened  for debate and discouse on RTI and governance issues. If someone is interested   to join, they can send their email ID to odishasoohanaadhikar@gmail.com  and   join in facebook of Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan.

I present below few  list of few RTI Activists  who can guide  anybody  interested  to use RTI to  assert   his right and to fight  for transparency.
1.      Srikant Pakal, M- 9338455092
2.      Soumya Ranjan Pradhan, M-9778861045
3.      Suvendu Roy, M- 8280126958
4.      Chitta Behera, M-9437577546
5.      Rohan Mohanty, M- 9438509617
6.      Dillip Das, M-9437070038
7.      Sanjib Satapathy, M- 8455041407

Pradip Pradhan


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