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Appointment of Judicial Commission by Odisha Govt. is farce

Appointment of Judicial Commission by State Govt. is farce and sheer deception since 17 years- Why


Whenever an incident or law and order situation occurs and the people reacted violently, the State Govt. appoints Judicial Commission to enquire into the matter and report sought within 6 months.Generally retired High Court Judges got appointment for it. The people, political parties and Activists got delighted and self-complacent, as enquiry was ordered. But enquiry continues for years together.  Cores of rupees spent with no result. I cite two examples here.

A. On 2nd Jan.2006, 12  tribal people who were agitating against Tata Mining in Kalinga Nagar  were killed by police firing ordered by Saswat Mishra, the then collector  of Jajpur district. After lot of protest, Judicial Commission was appointed under chairmanship of Justice A.S.Naidu. The enquiry continued for 10 years. The Commission submitted the report on 3.7.15. An amount of Rs. 1,65,56,161.00 was spent from state exchequer for it. Though one and half year has passed, no Action has been taken by Govt. The report is gathering dust in the of Chief Minister.

B. In view of communal violence in different places  of Kondhamal district since 24.12.2007 onwards, State Govt. appointed Judicial Commission headed by Justice Basudev Panigrahi on 29.12.2007. to enquire and submit  report within 4 months. But the Commission took 9 years to complete enquiry and submitted report on 28.11.15. An amount of Rs.2,56,31,114.00 was spent. Though one and half year passed,no Action Taken Report has come out by State Govt. This big report is gathering dust.

Shall we expect any justice from this BJD Govt. and bogus Chief Minister. The opposition political parties have no idea about it.

Pradip Pradhan

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