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Public Money mindlessly spent by Odisha Bureaucracy

An amount of Rs. 44 lakhs spent for Renovation of Residence office of Collector, Kalahandi, Odisha

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Misuse of public money by Odisha bureaucracy is very common under Nabin Patnaik Govt. in Odisha.  They spend public money on their own wish and fancies for their luxury and comfort.  Few years back, Mrunalini Darswal, the then collector of Nuapara district had misused NREGA fund for construction of swimming pool in the Collector’s residence violating all Rules and regulations. There was high-level enquiry into it after complaint was filed. However, the enquiry was suppressed by the State Govt.

Since last few years, RTI has been used by RTI Activists across the state to bring to limelight the huge misuse of public money by Odisha bureaucrats who are at helm of affairs and dictate the term for renovation of their office and residence and other work. It has been found that when an officer joins in new post, he or she immediately starts renovating   his or her office mindlessly without bothering its requirement and last repair work done. The offices and residence of the officers get renovated time and again even twice and thrice in a year, when there is   transfer or new posting and change in allotment of quarter.    A few days back, I have exposed  how huge  amount of  Rs. 32 lakh  has been spent  for renovation of  office  of  Managing Director  of  IDCO.

  RTI Application was submitted to the PIO, office of the Collector, Kalahandi  seeking information  about renovation of  residence office of Collector from  2010-11 to 2015-16. The present Collector of Kalahandi is Dr. Brunda D. IAS. On 31.10.16, the Executive Engineer, Kalahandi (R&B) has provided the information that an amount of Rs. 44 lakhs has been spent   for renovation of residence office of Collector  within six years.  The details are as follows.

Expenditure ( Rs. in lakh)

Pradip Pradhan

Date- 8.11.16 

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