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Takshila School has lost legal status under RTE Act

Non-Submission of Application for NOC by Bhubaneswar Model Public School known as Takshila Public School under RTE Act since last three years, exposed through RTI

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As per section 18 of the Right to Education Act  No school , other than  a school established, owned  or controlled  by the Govt. or the local authority, after commencement  of this Act, shall be established  or  function , without obtaining a certificate  of recognition  from  the State Govt. Further  sub-section-5  stipulates  that  any person  who establishes  or runs a school without  obtaining certificate  of recognition , or continues  to run a school  after  withdrawal  of recognition , shall be liable  to fine  which may extend to one lakh  rupees  and in case  of  continuing  contraventions , to  such a fine of ten thousand rupees  for each day  during  which  such  contravention continues.

Odisha RTE Rules, 2010 (Rule-13) has prescribed detailed procedure for submission of the application for getting certificate of recognition along with its renewal of every year.

On 11.11.15, RTI Application was submitted to the PIO, Directorate of Elementary  Education, Odisha  seeking information about details of recognition granted  to  Bhubaneswar Model Public School known as Takshashila Schhol at Plot No.-N5/A-1697, IRC village, Bhubaneswar , if applied, then date of application, Date of verification  by concerned DEO/BEO, copy of NOC etc.  On 19.12.15, the PIO has responded stating that Bhubaneswar Model Public School  has not applied for NOC , through on-line  for the year 2014-15, 2015-16.

It means the school has lost its legal status to provide education to the children.  It is disheartening to note that the appropriate Authority i.e., District Education Officer has neither inspected the school not derecognized the school.

We are going to expose more private schools running without NOC  in Bhubaneswar very soon.

This is true picture   of Nabin Patnaik Govt. in Odisha.

Pradip Pradhan


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