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Booklet on Land Scam in Odisha

Booklet on Land Scam 
Published by Odisha Civil Society Groups

After CAG expose in 2014   about large-scale  irregularities  and illegalities  in respect of allotment of land/plot made by General Administration Department, BDA, CDA and IDCO and farudlent means adopted by the State bureaucracy to allot land to  Hotels, corporate house  and private educational Institutions like KIIT  ( Kalinga Institute  of Industrial Technology ), the 28 Social Action Groups  got united  and launched  campaign  demanding CBI Inquiry into this  land scam, cancellation  of  all plots  illegally acquired by  the  people  and  multiple plots taken by the  powerful and influential people  by filling false affidavit and initiating legal  action  against these people and officials involved i it.  It is needless to mention here that  prior to CAG expose, the RTI Activists  have  brought to limelight  how the  top bureaucrats like  Sri Tarun Kanti Mishra, former Chief Secretary, Sri Bijay Sharma, Addl. DG, rime Branch, Sri Nikunja Dhal, Sri U.N.Behera, Sri Jagadanand Mohanty, former Information Commissioner   have illegally acquired  multiple plots or single plot  filling false affidavit.

The Civil Society Groups organised mass demonstration, rally, Dharana and  submitted series of memorandum  from  Governor  to Prime Minister seeking CBI Inquiry.   Being pressurised  by the movement,  the State Govt. constituted  a Task Force   in August 2014  to enquire into the irregularities  in allotment  of land/plot by GA, BDA, CDA and Odisha State Housing Board, but  kept IDCO out of the purview of enquiry  to save KIIT led by Achyut Samant, the biggest land grabber  in Bhubaneswar ( More than 85 acres of land illegally acquired  by him  in Chandaka Idustrial area).Though the Task Force  produced the report with a lot of recommendations which was accepted by the Govt. through a cabinet resolution on 18.12.14,  the State Govt. has  not taken any action against the Ministers, MLAs and  top bureaucrats  involved in the scam. To confuse the people,  the State Govt.  is  releasing the news  about arrest of  lowest employees  in BDA and CDA involved  in allotment of plots.

In this context,  to streamline and strengthen the land scam campaign   in support of demand for  CBI Inquiry, the Civil Society Groups  have  published a booklet on Land Scam in Odia . This booklet contains 8 chapter covering 60 pages  describing details of  illegalities  and irregularities  committed and fraudlent means adopted by Sri K.V.Singhdeo and Sri Samir Deo former Ministers  while   allotting  the plot under Discretionary quota.  A Chariot Campaign on Land Scam  will start  very soon  to sensitise  the people  how Nabin Patnaik Govt. has caused  thousand crores of revenue loss to State Exchequer  by  allotting land at throw away price by keeping lowering down the premium  value of land from 1998 to 2009 .  Sri Achyut Samant, founder, KIIT has become the biggest beneficiary  of this land scam.

If anybody  wants  copy of the booklet, please send your  order  with address  to  email- odishasoochanaadhikar@gmail.com . The price per copy of the booklet is Rs. 30.00. Please send your money order to Pradip Pradhan, Plot No-D-27, Maitree Vihar, Post-Rail Vihar, Bhubaeswar-23

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 19.1.16 

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