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Updating about Baba Shankarananda Giri

No response from Shankaranand Giri , President of Prabhujee  English Medium School  about alleged complaint of   fraud and forgery committed by him in respect of producing false document to CBSE, exposed through RTI

In November, 2015, after mass media expose  about  fraud and forgery  of Baba Shakaranad Giri, president, Kriya Yoga Trust committed  in respect  of  obtaining affiliation  from CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education ) by producing false land documents, the members of Civil Society Groups constituted  a fact-Finding Team  and  started an enquiry into details of location of land and how the land was obtained by the Trust.    It needs to be mentioned here that    there was a Land Lease-Deed agreement signed between Sri K.C. Das, Secretary, Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust, Kriya Yoga Ashram, Bhubaneswar, District-Khurda and Swami Shankaranada Giri, President, Prabhujee English Medium School, V.S.S. Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Dist-Khurda  on 27.3.15 in the office of District Sub-Registrar, Bhubaneswar.  As per Lease Agreement,    Sri K.C. Das, Secretary, Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust has handed over a portion of its land measuring 3 Ac on lease basis to Swami Shankaranand Giri to run Prabhujee English Medium School.  The Schedule of the property of the land is Hal Plot No- 5168/5169 under   Mouza- Gadakana of  Bhubaneswar Tehsil. The location of the land  is  East- Hospital and Ashram Main Gate, West-  Ashram Land, North- Ashram road and Building , South-  Institute of Hotel Management.
While verifying the land documents produced by Prabhujee English Medium School, it was found that the owner of the land was neither Kriya Yoga Trust nor Prabhujee English Medium School. The said portion of land belongs to some other people.  The owner of Hal Plot No 5168 ( Khata No-875) is Sri Giridhari Bhoi, Gokul Bhoi of  Surath Bhoi, Father of Gadakana Mouza. The owner of Hal Plot. 5169( Khata No.-707)  is Sri Keshab Das of Rangamatia village. Both these lands are located far away from Prabhujee English Medium School.
It  was also  found that  the said  school is situated  on the land  of  General Administration of Govt. of Odisha  which has been  encroached  and illegally  occupied  by Swami Shankaranand since long. So, we are of the view that Swami Shankaranand  Giri  has produced forged  and false document  and misled  authority of CBSE.
On 9.9.15, a Complaint was filed to CBSE, Regional Office, Bhubaneswar demanding an enquiry and cancellation of affiliation to Prabhujee English Medium School and an FIR  was filed  by Sri Ashok Mallik, State President of NACDOR in Saheed Nagar Police Station, Bhubaneswar in Sept. 15  which was registered as Case No. 504/2015. 
Acting on our complaint, CBSE issued notice to Shankarand Giri  to respond  about the allegations.  Though 3 months have passed,   Shakaranand Giri  had not responded till yet which  has been exposed through RTI. On RTI query filed on 13.11.15, the Central Public Information Officer of CBSE  has provided the information  on 23.11.15 that “Shankaranad Giri has not filed his response till yet”.  Interestingly, CBSE has sat idle without taking any action against Prabhujee English Medium School. The nexus of CBSE and Baba Shakaraand Giri is clearly exposed.
On the other hand, RTI application was filed to Saheed Nagar Police station to obtain information about details of the FIR filed against Shakaranad Giri. The information provided by the PIO on dated 18.10.15 is  as follows.
Case No.
Status of Enquiry
PS Case No. 230/2015
Mr. Allen Franklin Nelson, Foreigner
Case pending and enquiry is on progress
PS Case No. 487/2015
Pritikant Nayak

PS Case No. 495/2015
Pradeep Pradhan

PS Case No. 504/2015
Ashok Mallik

It shows  that  the police is dillydallying  to  take  action  against Shankaranand Giri  and sitting idle  on complaint without any investigation.

Pradip Pradhan

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