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Only 600 crores available under NREGA with Govt. of Odisha

An amount of only 600 crores available with State Govt. under NREGA to provide 200 man-days to 60 lakh Job holders in Odisha during the period 2015-16 ( upto March 2016)
 Releasing   drought package to fight out terrible drought situation in Odisha,  Sri Nabin Patnaik, Chief Minister has  declared  to provide 200 mandays of work to each family of Job Card holder under NREGA  in the state. RTI Application was submitted to the PIO, Department of Panchayat Raj seeking information about availability of fund for NREGA with State Govt.  The PIO has stated that out of total budget of Rs. 147176.02 lakhs (Rs.1471.76 crores) earmarked for the period 2015-16, Rs.89238.32 lakhs ( Rs. 892.38 crores)  has been spent as on 17.10.2015. It means the availability of amount to provide work to NREGA worker upto March, 2016 is Rs. 57937.07 lakhs (Rs. 579.37crores)

 Now the question is raised how  the State Govt. will provide 200 man-days to 60 lakhs Job card holders with just limited amount of around 600 crores rupees.

 The details of budget required to provide 60 lakh Job Card holders for 200 days in the state

 Total registered Job card holder in Odisha
60 lakhs
Total Man-days to be provided to Job Card holders  declared by Govt.
200 days
Minimum Wage rate per day
Total Amount required to provide 200 man-days to 60 lakh Job Card holders at the rate Rs.174.00 per day
20,880 crores rupees

Pradip  Pradhan

Date- 24.12.15

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  1. 1- Financial year 2015-16 there is only left of 90 days.
    2- if Govt. provide more man-days Before this announcement, so there is require small amount.

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