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Lokpal Report on Criminal Act of Sanjib Marik, former DG of Police

Lokpal Report on Criminal Act of Sanjib Marik , former DG of Police  is lost in Home Dept., exposed through RTI.

On allegations made against Sri Sanjib Marik, IPS, the State Govt. has handed the case  to Lokpal to enquire  into it and submit the report. Accordingly, the Lokpal  made a thorough  enquiry  against Sanjib Marik  and submitted the report. But the State Govt. neither did take any action  against Sri Marik  following Lokpal Report  nor disclosed the report in public domain.   

RTI Application dated 5.10.15  was submitted to Home Department, Govt. of Odisha seeking  the  copy of the report.  On 6.11.15,  the PIO has responded  that the copy of the report is not traceable  after through search of available records  in the Home ( IPS) Dept. The PIO has also stated  that the said information can not be supplied  uder sub-section 4 & 5 of section 15 of Lokpal & Lokayukta Act, 1995.

So, it  is concluded that  either the Lokpal Report has been stolen or deliberately kept in  secret.

Pradip Pradhan, M-9937843483
Date- 18.12.15  

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