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Financial Support made by IDCO, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Financial Support made by IDCO to different Organisations/ Institutions/ Individuals from 2011-12 to 2015-16, exposed through RTI

RTI Application was submitted to the PIO, Office of IDCO, Bhubaneswar seekimg information about  the details of donation given to different Organisations/ Institutions . 

The information provided by the PIO  on 21.12.15 is as follows

Sl.NoPurpose2011-122012-132013-142014-152015-16 ( till 25.8.15)
1High Mast Light at Patia & KIIT Square------13,85,591.00
2Finance Assistance to son of B.Rath, Manager, Electrical, to attend International Space Development Conference96,663.00
3Construction of Reception Room  for O/o- DG Police at BJB Nagar, BBSR4,98,634.00
4AHARA Initiative in Sambalpur  Muniipality2,19,60,000.00
5Information Centre  of Jaganath Temple  at Jayadev Bhawan, BBSR7,93,877.0099,305.00
6Franchise  in HIL-Kalinga Lancers5,75,12,000.006,09,59,236.00
7Infrastructure  for facilitating  L.A. of POSCO India Ltd.21,55,577.00
8Renovation of Iformation Centre  at Gundicha Temple, Puri2,45,208.001,99,504.00
9Finance Assistance to Silpanchal Vidyalaya7,29,429.0015,00,000.002,50,000.00---
10Badagabapur Police station1,23,93,268.00--1,70,826.005,47,557.00
11Road to Bhagabati Temple  at JNV, Konark11,18,550.00
12Special Repair toSebaghar----1,96,917.00
13Conference Hall of  Khurda Collectorate--16,54,270.0017,84,318.0022,64,599.00
14Conference Hall of RDC office, Cuttack11,10,328.00
\15Police Outpost at maître Vihar, Bhubaneswar10,06,331.00
16Street  lighting  from  Badambadi to Link Road square53,41,717.00
17Renovation of Raghunathpur H.S. at Kurki1,96,917.00
18Street  lighting  from Ravi Talkies to Samantara Pur Square10,15,966.00
19T-shirts for Jagannath Temple administration1,75,000.00
20Sponsorship for Adivasi Mela4,00,000.004,00,000.00
21Sponsorship  of All Idia Kalinga Cup Football tournament5,00,000.00
22Joint sponsorship  of Tenzig Hillary International  Everest marathon50,000.00
23Toilet  Block of Khannagar High School, Khapuria4,33,375.0020,454.00------
24AMC Bill  of 8 nos. Of Water purifier at Hockey Stadium  inside  Kalinga Stadium13,280.00
25Road from N.H. to  Barunei Temple2,82,98,849.001,15,36,171.00
26Special Repair of Circuit  House, Paradeep96,663.00
27Sponsorship of Balasore Mahotsav, 201525,000.00
Pradip Pradhan
Date- 22.12.15

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