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Why visit of President and CJI to KIIT opposed

Civil Society Groups to protest  and oppose visit of President and Chief Justice of India to KIIT-Why?

All of you are aware that the very KIIT, which was once housed in a rented single room in 1992, now boasts of 10 sprawling wifi enabled campuses in Patia area of Bhubaneswar. What is the magic behind such progress of an institution within short a span of time?  Is it outcome of selfless efforts of Sri Achyut Samant , the founder of KIIT or any marvellous game plan  designed by him?  The so-called success story of KIIT’s phenomenal growth was in fact brought to limelight by CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India). As per CAG Report, out of total 89 acres of land leased out to KIIT by IDCO, allotment of 82 acres is illegal. CAG Report has shown Sri Achyut Samant has grabbed land by adopting all manners of illegal and fraudulent means which is not expected of a person who projects himself as an eminent educationalist and founder of KIIT University. He has developed the entire infrastructure by giving bribe to corrupt bureaucrats  for encroaching the government land   time and again and manipulating the IDCO authority to regularise the same in violation of Odisha Prevention of Land Encroachment Act, 1972. 

Moreover, the CAG Audit scrutiny has revealed  that  although direct allotment of land to KIIT by IDCO was meagre ( 7. 083 acres), there were instances of undue benefit extended to KIIT in acquiring the remaining land  ( 82.087 acres) violating procedures of  land  allotment which resulted in a loss of Rs. 252.54 acres. Besides that KIIT has again occupied unauthorised 18.864 acres of land , the benchmark valuation of land being Rs. 94.32 crores

Let us  cite two examples extracted from CAG Report.

A.  KIIT , an infamous Institution for its land grabbing in Bhubaneswar  encroached  land measuring 16.397 acres , valued Rs.12.30 crores   and got it regularised by ICDO  in connivance of its corrupt officials in two phases  ( 9.809 acre in April 2005 and 6.588 acre in July 2009 ), though it is not permissible under any law  of the land.

B.  KIIT, a deemed  University, applied  ( April 2010 ) for additional land of 14 acres  in Chandaka IR contiguous to the land under its occupation, which  were under encroachment by some other people   and offered  to get it vacated from the said encroachers at its risk and cost, in case  the said land  would be allotted  to that institute. The Land Allotment Committee (LAC) of IDCO agreed to the same and decided (April 2010) to allot 14 acres of such encroached land to KIIT. An in-principle allotment order was issued (October 2010) to KIIT with the stipulation to formally allot the land after eviction of the encroachers. This was despite the fact that, the BoD of IDCO in 65th meeting, inter-alia, decided (April, 2004) not to entertain any further applications of KIIT for regularisation of any encroachment in Chandaka area.

Since Mid-July 2014, the concerned citizens and Social Activists of Odisha have been holding dharana, demonstration and mass rally demanding CBI enquiry into land scam in Odisha and also submitting  memoranda to  different  authorities  like Governor and Chief Minister of Odisha ( Copy of Memorandum is   enclosed) .  Mass Media has covered series of news against   KIIT and Sri Achyut   Samant for   land acquired by him through fraudulent means. The State Govt. constituted a task Force for enquiry into irregularities and illegalities in allotment of land by different Govt. agencies in August 2014 but the illegal allotment of land   to KIIT by IDCO was kept out from the purview of inquiry.  As Sri Samant  exerts huge influence by various nefarious methods over the gullible and corrupt bureaucracy, the land allotment to him has not been enquired till date.  A Writ petition has been filed in Odisha High Court against Sri Achyut Samant and KIIT with a prayer for   CBI inquiry into land scam of Sri Samant. (Copy of the media clipping is enclosed). KIIT is also not complying with RTI Act and not disclosing any information to the Information-seekers.

Sri Achyut Samant through a  mega image building exercise is always on the lookout for inviting dignified personalities to his Institution, simply to repair and make over his controversial profile and thereby to divert attention of the people from his naked acts of corruption.   It is apprehended that Mr. Samant by inviting President of India and other dignitaries wants to whitewash his depreciated and questionable image.   

 As is well known, KIIT is a deemed university which has been substantially financed in terms of land  and funds  from different  agencies of State and Central Governments.  As such, it is a public authority under Section 2 (h) of the RTI Act, 2005. But the PIO of KIIT refused to provide the information under RTI Act time and again. Several  Complaint cases against KIIT are pending with State Information Commission for disposal.

Under the circumstances,  we have made request  Hon’ble President of India  and Chief Justice of India  to enquire into the above mentioned  crimes of fraud and   corruption  exposed by a Constitutional Body like CAG  before taking a decision as to respond  to the invitation of Mr. Achyut Samant to grace the occasion at KIIT or not. 

It is needless to mention here that  we the  Civil Society Groups  will  oppose  and  organise demonstration  and road blockade  at the time of Visit  of the Rastrapati  and Chief Justice of India.


Srinibas Mohanty                               Khirod Rout                          Prof. Jantrana Parikhit
Advocate, Odisha High Court            Advocate, Odisha High Court

Sudhir Mohanty                                  Pradip Pradhan                    Ashok Mallik
Advocate, Odisha High Court             RTI Activist                          President, NACDOR

Pratap Sahu                                       Sachikant Pradhan              Arun Jena
Social Activist                                     Social Activist                      Social Activist
Abdul Walli                                         Raju Singh                           Menaka Kinnar
Social Activist                                     Social Activist, Cuttack        Bhubaneswar

Bijay Parida                                        Ashok Das                            Sanjay Sahu
Jana Adhikar Parishad                       Samajik Nyaya Andolan       Social Activist

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