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Huge land and Money accumulated by Sri Satish Gajbhiye IPS

Petition filed to CBI  seeking enquiry into huge land and money accumulated by  Sri Satish Gajbhiye, IPS office  through his  Chit Fund link  and fraud  Chit Fund Operator

Today  on 12.8.15,  a  5-member Delegation of   Social Activists representing 28 Civil society Groups   working on Land Scam  in Odisha  filed petition to  CBI  seeking  into accumulation of huge landed property by Satish Gajbhiye, IPS Officer and huge investment made by  him for fishery   in Gop Block of Puri district, Odisha obtained through his Chit Fund link.  The Team members were  Pradip Pradhan, RTI Activist, Sri Jayant Das, RTI Activist, Sri  Sudhir  Mohanty, Advocate, Odisha  High Court, Sri  Ashok Mallik,  President, National Alliance of Dalit Organisations, Odisha Chapter, Pratap Sahu.

The Delegation  alleged that after getting information from reliable sources about huge landed property purchased by Sri Satish Gajbhiye, IPS officer in name of his wife Ranjana Gajbhiye in Gop block of Puri district, a Fact-finding team of Civil Society Groups   had visited the spot on 11.8.15 to ascertain fact about it.  The Team collected the copy of sale deed (attached herewith) from the people and found that  huge land  had been purchased from the families of Dalit Caste and General Caste of Barimunda and Baulanga villages under Gop Block of Puri.  More than 35 acres of agriculture land had been purchased by him in name of his wife. They also said that they had not seen Ranjan Gajbhiye while selling and signing sale deed at the office of Sub-Registrar, Gop. Two Dalals who are linked with Chit Fund Operators Sri Kailash Pradhan of Chadheigan village of Nagpur Panchayat and Sri Dillip Nayak of Chhanijang   had executed all the works including giving money against the cost of the land on behalf of Ranjan Gajbhiye.  

Besides that, he has also purchased huge land from the villagers of Alana and Barimunda village  It is estimated that Sri Gajbhoye has also purchased more than 35 acres of land in that area in 2012 and 2013. The Team  also  noticed that   he had also illegally  acquired  and encroached  more than 40 acres  of  Gochar  and  Anabadi land and river bed  of Kadua river and engaged  dalals  for  construction of number of big ponds for fishery  which is going on since 2013.  The rough estimate for investment into magnitude  of  work  undertaken  for  digging pond  in around 100 acres  of  land  will be more  than  30 to 40 crores. 

Astonishingly, Sri Gajbhiye  has  not  disclosed  the information  about  this property  in  his Property Statement  submitted  to Govt. of India . (The copy of the property Statement is attached herewith).

It is needless to mention here that few months back, CBI had interrogated Sri Satish Gajbhiye, IPS officer   in connection with his link with   fraud Chit Fund Operators. But the CBI had not taken any steps to arrest him. It may be that CBI might have not got proper evidence in this matter. 

Now, the question is raised how Sri Satish Gajbhiye got such huge money for investment   for construction of pond. We allege that   Sri Gajbhiye  had  got  huge money  through his Chit Fund link  with  fraud Chit Fund Companies and fund received  from controversial Baba Sarathi   who had also  Chit Fund link  which is under investigation of Crime Branch.

The delegation  requested  SP, CBI to  immediately  enquire  into  details of  land purchased  by Satish Gajbhiye  and  huge  money  obtained from Chit Fund Operators  by him for investment  for construction of pond for  fishery in Gop Block of Puri district. SP, CBI  thanked  delegation for providing such valuable information  and assured  the  delegation to reopen the case  and also  request  for more information about his link with  fraud  Chit Fund Operators.

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 12.8.15

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