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Order of the State Government for RDC Enquiry into Land Scam of Satish Gajbhiye, IPS officer – A farce

Order of the State Government for RDC Enquiry into Land Scam of Satish Gajbhiye, IPS officer – A farce   and designed to protect him in the name of enquiry – How?

On 18.8.15, Member, Board of Revenue, Govt. of Odisha has given order to Revenue Divisional Officer, Central Division to enquire into allegation of land illegally acquired and purchased by controversial IPS officer Satish Gajbhiye, former SP, Kendrapara,  in Gop block of Puri district, whether permission for purchasing land and undertaking fishery cultivation obtained by him etc. The timing of the order for RDC enquiry has created suspicion about the intention of the Govt.  and efficacy of the enquiry. Because, after  expose of  land scam of Satish Gajbhiye  by Civil Society Groups  on 11.8.15 and demand of CBI Inquiry on 12.8.15, the Crime Branch  and State Vigilance leaving no stone unturned  rushed  to the spot  and started enquiry into allegation of land illegally acquired by Sri Gajbhiye  apprehending CBI enquiry  which may open up flood gate of corruption, illegalities  and irregularities  in acquiring land  and involvement of powerful people  in this scam. 

In the meantime, the Crime Branch  and  the State Vigilance  have  already   acquired and seized all the land related documents  of Sri Gajbhiye and his wife Ranjana Gajbhiye  from the Tahasil office, Gop  and Sub-Registrar office, Gop.  The State Vigilance has already interrogated Sri Gajbhiye on the basis of the documents seized by them. Now the only step which is required to be taken  is  to implicate  Sri  Gajbhiye and his wife and lodge  FIR against them .

But, astonishingly, yesterday, Board of Revenue  has ordered for RDC enquiry further  into the allegation   of land scam against Sri Gajbhiye. What was the necessity of such order.  If we look at  the history of enquiry made RDCs in Odisha ( enclosed herewith) , it is used by the Govt.  to  linger enquiry in the name of enquiry to protect the culprits. It is also fact that if RDC produced the report in time,  the State Govt.  put it on table allowing it to gather dust without any action taken report.

Let me cite three examples here.
1.    In the month of March, 2015, there was police firing on the villagers of Namatara  of Kendrapara district who were  opposing liquor business in their village. The firing order was given by same Satish Gabhiye. Hundreds of the people were injured and hospitalised. Many people were implicated with false case and jailed.  After huge public protest against police brutality and demand for action against Satish Gajbhiye, the State Govt. ordered for so-called RDC enquiry to save Satish Gajbhiye. Though five months have passed, RDC has not started the enquiry and never  visited Namatara  village.  Now same RDC has been entrusted to enquire into land scam of Satis Gajbhiye.

2.    In 2003, there was allegation of theft of idol in Biraja Temple located in Jajpur town of Japur district. After huge public protest, the State Govt. ordered for  RDC enquiry and RDC produced the report in 2004. Though 11 years have passed,  the State Govt. has neither put the report in public domain nor   come out with Action Taken Report. Even the RTI query seeking information about the copy of the report was denied by the Law Department.

3.    Hussein Rabi Gandhi, prominent BJD leader was seriously beaten up and attacked  by the miscreants in Jajpur  in 2012. Immediately RDC enquiry was ordered. Sri  Aurobindo Padhi, RDC enquired into it and produced the report timely.  Though 3 years  have passed, the state Govt. has not taken any action to dispense justice to  Sri Hussein Rabi Gandhi.

This is the true character of Nabin Patnaik Government. The people of Odisha should be cautious about nuisance of the Govt. in the name of the enquiry.

Pradip Pradhan


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