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Intervention of PM sought for arrest of Satish Gajbhiye controversial IPS officer

Intervention of Prime Minister sought by Civil Society Groups   for arrest of Satish Gajbhiye, controversial IPS officer  of Odisha and handing over the case of his illegal accumulation of property to CBI

On 20.8.15, the Civil Society Groups of Odisha submitted memorandum to  Sri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India seeking immediate intervention of the Central Government  for taking drastic action against Sri Satish Gajbhiye, IPS Officer, who assaulted, manhandled and mercilessly beaten up a peaceful assembly of people including lawyers and journalists during their protest against fraudulent God-Man Baba Sarathi in Kendrapara of Odisha and his misdeed of illegally acquiring huge land of Dalits and Govt. land in the name of her wife Mrs. Ranjana Gajbhiye.

In the memorandum, the members of Civil Society Groups have alleged that after the shocking and sensational revelations about swindling, womanisation and  land-grabbing by the self-styled God-Man Baba Sarathi of Kendrapara district, a vast crowd of  common people including  concerned citizens and intellectuals  came out to the street on 5.8.15  to register their protest  and raise their demand for an enquiry into the whole episode.  While the leaders of ruling BJD remained mute spectators, the rank and file of all opposition political parties   along with Social organisations staged a united protest demanding immediate arrest of Sarathi Baba and a CBI enquiry into the whole lot of nefarious misdeeds of Sarathi Baba and his collaborators within and outside Government. As days passed by with no legal or administrative action taken by the State Government, thousands of people to press for their demand resorted to   demonstration and rasta roko at Kendarapara.  They also surrounded the Ashram and kept raising slogans against the police protection given to Sarathi Baba. At this moment Sri Satish Gajbhuye, Superintendent of Police, Kendrapara leading a huge police force rushed to the place of mass protest himself and let loose a reign of terror in the whole area to disperse the mob by   indiscriminately lathicharging and teargasing the protestors and heaping all sorts of inhuman brutalities on them.  Mr. Gajbhiye did all this simply to protect any how the fraudster Godman from the natural wrath of people. 

  Bharatiya Janata Party   gave a call for Bandh in Kendrapara on 7.8.15 in protest against the highhanded action of SP Sri Gajbhiye who had ordered the police force to employ all sorts of brutalities to disperse the protesting crowd from the street and ensued a classic road fighting   between the armless innocent people and the armed police force in Kendrapara town. In the process the police injured hundreds of people, made many people kneel down on the ground with their hands being tied to the back. The SP himself ruthlessly misbehaved and physically assaulted Sri Duryodhan Sahu, a lawyer and President, BJP District Unit using abusive   language which was incidentally telecast in TV Channels in real time. The SP also threatened reporters of electronics media to leave Kendrapara at once.    

This incident evoked spontaneous response from the people across the state to protest and demand immediate arrest of SP Sri Gajbhuye. Sri Prasad Harichandan, President of Congress Party with his entourage visited Kendrapara and condemned police attack and demanded high level inquiry into this incident along with immediate arrest of the SP. Sri Bijay Mohapatra, senior leader of BJP while addressing a press meet portrayed the police action as Taliban terrorism and demanded arrest of SP and CBI enquiry into whole incident. On 8th Aug, the Lawyers of different Bars of the State not only condemned police atrocities but also demanded immediate arrest of SP.  The Orissa High Court Bar Association along with other Bar Associations declared the suspension of court till 14th August expressing solidarity with the people of Kendrapara who were brutalised by the SP.

 Being pressurised by huge public protest, the State Govt. has suspended Satish Gajbhiye on 13.8.15. But this move has not satisfied the public. The state-wide movement and protest demanding arrest of Staish Gajbhiye is still going on. On 13.8.15, Bharatiya Janata Party organised demonstration in front of office of Director General of Police, Cuttack demanding arrest of Satish Gajbhiye and CBI inquiry into the whole episode. Congress Party had also organised demonstration on 17.8.15 in front of Governor House demanding arrest of Sri gajbhiye and CBI enquiry into the incident.  The whole situation is still tense in the state. Every day, there are Dharanas and rallies being held by different organisations demanding arrest of SP across the state.

 Going against the norms of All India Service Conduct Rules, Sri Gajbhuye dares to publicise his utterly untenable opinions in FACEBOOK and elsewhere justifying his attack on the people including journalists and lawyers. He is also threatening the media houses to sue them by filing defamation case against them.

In the meantime, the Civil Society Groups have already exposed the fact of accumulation of huge landed property by Mr. Gajbhiye in the name of his wife Mrs. Ranjan Gajbhiye  in Gop  Block of Puri district  along with investment of crores of rupees  for commercial fishery by illegally acquiring around 22 acres of Gochara and Anabadi land. It has also been alleged by the people that he had accumulated huge money from fraudulent Chit fund Companies by invested his shares with them and by giving them various illegal benefits. A few days back, he was interrogated by the CBI for his link with Chit Fund Companies. On the land illegally acquired by him in the name of his wife, he has started digging big ponds for fishery cultivation with huge investment of more than 40 crores.  So it is now evident that he has obtained such spurious money from Chit Fund sources or from Baba Sarathi, for which   the Civil Society Groups have demanded a thorough going enquiry into Mr. Gajbhiye’s illicit connections.  In the meantime, FIR has been lodged in Gop police station on 19.8.15 against Satish Gajbhiye for his land grabbing through illegal and fraudlent means in connivance of fraud chit fund brokers.

Ironically, without taking any action against this officer, the State Govt. is trying to shield him by giving order for enquiry one after another like Crime Branch enquiry, Vigilance enquiry and RDC level enquiry with no results. The people of the state are getting frustrated over the inaction of the Govt. and giving protection to a corrupt officer.   

The signatories of the memorandum were Sri Pradip Pradhan, RTI Activist, Sri Sudhir Mohanty, advocate, Odisha High Court, Sri Ashok Mallik, Dalit leader, Sri Pratap sahu, Basti Sangharsh Samiti, Sri Sachikant Pradhan, Odisha Nagarik Samaj, Sri Abdul Walli, Bijay Parida, Jana Adhikar Parishad, Ashok Das, Samajik Nyaya Andolan, Prativa Das, Woman Activist  and many others etc.

Pradip Pradhan


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