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Who is RTI Activist?

Who is RTI Activist?

RTI Activism is debated and discussed much in public domain that too in mass media across the country.  Commitment of RTI  Activists to expose mega corruption and irregularities and maladministration in Govt.   has been widely acclaimed   by  different of section of  people. Within short span of 9 years of implementation of RTI Act, more than 40 RTI Activists have been killed and hundreds of activists assaulted and false case and defamation case filed against them. Many of them are also languishing in jail. Such scenario has not taken place in any campaign on any law  in India.

RTI Activist is defined as  someone who  seeks   varies of information  and  makes  it  available to the people  and  highlight same through mass media. They are people who are driven by passion and commitment and keen to share information more widely.  They not only disseminate information but daringly and vigorously purse the matter  to reach at logical end. With the information , they try their best  to fight out the issues relating to  the system by  organising public demonstration, filling cases  in courts  and raising the issues  through policymakers  in  appropriate forum, They are the people who see the need for change and improvement on a large scale inside the Government. RTI activism is not about how you look or the clothes you wear: the sine qua non of activism is doing. We feel it is more important to look at the actions being undertaken rather than how individuals define themselves.

Information Scientist Anthony Molaro coined the term ‘Information Activist’ in 2009 as  “An information activist is a vigorous advocate of knowledge gained through study, communication, research or instruction”
  For some Activism comes naturally, while for others, it’s something that comes as a result of problems they see or upon learning about something they passionately believe needs to change. Whatever the reason for wanting to become an RTI activist, the Activist pursue their cause relentlessly no matter their age, their means, or their background. That is the beauty of an RTI Activist.

Pradip Pradhan

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