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Social Action Groups to oppose President of India visit

Social Action Groups to oppose visit of President of India to KIIT, Bhubaneswar

While  holding  Press Meet  at Lohia Academy on 28.7.15,   a  good number of  30 Social Activists  have presented  copy of their petitions addressed  with request  to Hon’ble President  of India  and  Chief Justice of  India  not to visit  to KIIT  to  join  or address any programme   organized in KIIT ( Kalinga  institute of Industrial Technology ), Patia, Bhubaneswar.  They  will hold demonstration  and show black flag, if  the Hon’ble President of India  visits to KIIT.

Referring CAG Report, they have stated in their petition that Sri Achyut Samant, founder of KIIT is the biggest land grabber and habitual encroacher in Bhubaneswar, capital of Odisha. KIIT University is involved in the biggest ever government land fraud in Bhubaneswar.   CAG(Comptroller Auditor General of India) Report in the year 2013  has exposed   the  nexus of KIIT authority with corrupt Odisha bureaucracy and political leaders to grab most precious land at throw away price through unfair and fraudulent means and manipulating administrative procedure and illicit benefit granted to this university. As per CAG Report, out of total 089 Acres of land leased out to KIIT by IDCO, allotment of 082 Acres of land is illegal. CAG Report has reflected that the authority of KIIT has grabbed land by adopting all illegal and fraudulent means which is not expected from the authority that projects themselves as eminent educationist and founder of KIIT University. The KIIT authority have developed the entire infrastructure by giving bribe to corrupt bureaucrats through encroaching land time and again and IDCO authority regularising the same by violating Odisha Prevention of Land Encroachment Act, 1972.

Though the Civil Society Groups have demanded several times to  State Govt. institute  an enquiry into land scam of Achyut Samant, founder of KIIT as per CAG Report,  the State Govt.  has not taken any step  in this regard rather encouraged KIIT authority to grab more land in  Chandaka Industrial area. Two Writ Petitions have been filed  in Odisha High Court  demanding  CBI enquiry  into  irregularities  in allotment of land by IDCO to KIIT of Achyut Samant. 

Mr. Achyut Samant (Founder of KIIT) is in a habit of inviting dignified personalities like Honourable Governor, Chief Minister to KIIT Institution in different functions to overshadow his fraudulent act and to divert attention of the people of Odisha from his corrupt and unlawful act.   It is apprehended that Mr. Achyut Samant by inviting Honourable President of India and other dignitaries wants to whitewash controversial and depreciated image.  Even  from  a reliable sources, it is found that  that Mr. Achyut Samant and his agents has paid Crores of rupees to some bureaucrats in Delhi to get clearance to invite the highest dignitary of the country.

It needs  to be  mentioned that on 8th August,  the President of India and the Chief Justice of India  along with other  dignitaries   will be coming  to Odisha to address  function in KIIT.

Pradip Pradhan,M-9937843482
Date- 30.07.2015

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