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RTI Activist threatened to withdraw Application by hooligans

RTI Activist was threatened to withdraw RTI Application or face dire consequence by hooligans backed by corrupt officials in Niali Block of Cuttack district, Odisha

It was 30th January 2015, martyrdom day of Krupasindhu Sahu, RTI Activist  of Niali Block of Cuttack district who was murdered by dreaded criminals backed by powerful political people for his effort to expose huge corruption and irregularities in Paddy cultivation under BGREI Scheme. After hue and cry by RTI Activists and Human Rights Groups and demonstration at Bhubaneswar, this murder case was handed over to Crime Branch for enquiry. The Crime Branch enquiry is in mystery. Now a Writ petition has been filed in High Court seeking CBI inquiry into it.

In same Niali Block, another RTI Activist has been threatened of dire consequence by the politically influential people and hooligans and asked to withdraw his RTI Application. Sri Pabitra Bhoi, a Dalit boy had submitted RTI Application dated 14.7.15  to the PIO, office of  Anlo Gram Panchayat  of Niali Block of uttack district  seeking information about  details of  houses sanctioned  to  different people  under Indira Awas Yojana, Mo Kudia Yojana.  It is needless to mention here that there is huge corruption and irregularities noticed in allotment of houses under these schemes in each Gram Panchayat of Niali Block. The political people of Ruling party having pucca building have taken money for houses under these schemes by using their political influence. It is big scam in Niali Block.

Sri Umesh Ch. Behera, PIO  of Anlo Panchayat  informed  about RTI Application  and RTI Applicant  immediately   to the people  who have taken IAY house  illegally.     On 19.7.15,  a group of  people  Sri Bishwanath Behera, Jairam Behera and many others reached  his house  at 6 PM evening and chided him  referring  his caste “Kandara” and using slang language. On return from his house, they threatened him  to withdraw RTI Application  otherwise  prepared to face consequence. These people are known dreaded criminals  in that area.

Now, Pabitra  has  filed  complaint to  Niali Police Station and SP,  Cuttack  on 20.7.15  to  take  action against these people and provide him protection. As reported by Pabitra,  SP, Cuttack took it very casually   and advised  him to meet Collector. However, Pabitra argued with him that this is the responsibility of the SP to enquire into the matter   not the Collector and returned  from SP office. Pabitra apprehended that at any time he may face attack from these people, as he is determined not to withdraw RTI Application.  Pabitra may be contacted in his mobile 8598087311.

Finding  no response from SP, Cuttack, A memorandum  has been submitted   by OSAA ( Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan)   to the DG, Police to direct the SP, Cuttack to conduct an enquiry into the matter. 

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 27.7.15 

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