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Disastrous Medical Infrastructure in Odisha

Disastrous Medical Infrastructure in Odisha 
during 15 years of Naveen Patnaik Regime  

Will the millions of poor people of Odisha survive without basic health facilities from Govt.? 

Health is one of the basic services that the Citizens are entitled to get it  at reasonable price or free of cost  in a welfare state. The State Government is duty bound to provide free health service to the people. As per article 47 of the Indian Constitution, the State shall  regard  the raising of the level of nutrition and the standard of the living of its people and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties. As per Rural Health Statistics 2014, there are 6688 number of health sub centres, 1305 primary health centres, 377 community health centres and 114 mobile medical units running in the stateto  cater  health service to the people of Odisha. But  these centres are suffering from a lot of issues mainly infrastructure  for  which the poor people are  suffering from health hazards in the state. The 15 year BJD regime has precariously  failed to deliver minimum health service  to the people of Odisha  

Major setbacks to health sector in Odisha
  1.  2726 Sub centres functioning in rented building
  2. 11 PHCs functioning in rented building
  3. Only in 2738 Sub-centres ANM living in the quarter
  4. No Available data about the Sub Centres running as per IPHS norms
  5.  2408 Sub-centres functioning without regular water supply
  6.  2414 Sub-centre functioning without electricity supply
  7. 182 sub-centres functioning without all weather motor able approaches
  8. 292 PHCs without labor Room
  9. 1305 PHCs without Operation Theater
  10. 1277 PHCs without at least 4 beds
  11. 141 PHCs without electricity supply
  12. 292 without water supply
  13. 6 PHCs without all weather motor able approaches
  14. No Available data on PHCs functioning as per IPHS norms
  15. 365 CHCs functioning without 4 specialist doctors
  16. 317 CHCs functioning without at least 30 beds
  17. 68 CHCs functioning without Operation Theaters
  18. 57 CHCs functioning without new born care corner
  19. 335 CHCs have no X-Ray machine
  20. 85 CHCs have no building for specialists quarter
  21. 111 CHCs have no living quarter for specialists living
  22. 3068 Health workers (Male) shortfall for Sub centres
  23. 212 Sub Centres functioning without Health Worker (Female), 2750 Sub-centres functioning without health worker (Male) and 158 Sub centres running without both
  24. 597 Health assistants (Female) shortfall for PHCs
  25. PHCs functioning without 1305health assistants (Male)
  26. PHCs running with 339 doctors vacant.
  27. 110 PHCs running without doctor
  28. 1010PHCs running without  lady doctor
  29. CHCs running with shortfall of 297surgeons
  30. CHCs running with shortfall of 228 Obstetricians & Gynecologists
  31. CHCs running with shortfall of 333 Physicians
  32. CHCs running with shortfall of 304 Pediatricians
  33. Infant Mortality Rate-51

(This information was  presented  in a meeting  by Gouranga Mohapatra, State Convener, Jana Swasthya Abhijan. His contact No is 9437036305)

Pradip Pradhan, M- 9937843482

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