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Laptop PCs for College Students in Odisha

Distribution of Laptop PCs for College Students by Govt. of Odisha

Prior to general election for 2014, Govt. of Odisha has taken a lot of populist measures to woo the voters by way of distribution of so many things free of Umbrella, Shoes, Blanket, Bicycle, Mobile phones etc. Laptop was one of the items declared by the State Govt. to be distributed to the students of the different colleges free of cost.  In fact, the implementation of  these  populist  programme could not be monitored  by anybody  not even by the Political parties  or the Civil Society Groups  whether  it reached  to the people or fund sanctioned for the same utilized properly. However, now much information about implementation of these programmes is coming to the lime light through RTI. For example, though the Govt. claims about  distribution of Mobile phone to 18,000 farmers in 2013, but  the list of the recipient-farmers  is not  available  in the Dept. of Agriculture.

On 8 March 2015, RTI Application was submitted to the PIO, Dept. of Higher Education seeking information about details of Laptop distributed to the students in the state, total fund sanctioned ad utilised  etc.  On 25.3.15, the PIO has supplied some information about RTI Query which is as follows.

A. The State Govt. had decided to distribute Laptop to 15,235 students of different colleges. But as claimed by the Govt., Laptop has been distributed to only 14,908 students by 17.11.14.

B. The State Govt. has sanctioned Rs. 30 crores for purchase of Laptop.  But the information about expenditure against purchase and distribution of Laptop has not been supplied by the Dept.

C.  M/s ACER India Private Limited has been placed order to supply Laptop.

Finding this information  incomplete, another RTI Application has been submitted to the PIO, Dept. of Higher Education on 6.4.15.   The information sought for is as follows.

i. Provide information about details of decision taken for procurement of Laptop from ACER India Limited including copy of the file noting.

ii. Provide information about details of procedure followed for authorizing ACER India Limited to supply Laptop to the Govt.

iii. Provide information about date on which the money was released to  ACER  India Limited and under  which budget head  the said amount  was sanctioned  for Laptop

iii. Provide number of students   of different academic institutions distributed Laptop  in the state as per the following format:

Name of district
Name of  Academic  Institutions
Total no. of students

iv. Provide information about whether Tender notice & papers issued or not for purchasing Laptop. And If yes,  please  provide copies of both.

v. Comparative chart of all the bidders quoted & present on the price bid opening day with name & address of each bidder & their laptop

vi. Any committee formed by govt/ competent authority to recommend such purchases. And if yes, copies of such office orders/note sheet orders  & approval of competent authority.

vii. Copy of supplier's letter wherein extra facilities of mobiles are mentioned.

viii. provide  copy  of Last letter of supplier prior to Purchase Order  placed on them. 

ix. provide copy of  invoices/bills of  supplier. 

x. provide  Cheque no & date against each payment made with amount. 

Pradip Pradhan, M- 9937843482
15 April 2015

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