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Why I support Baijayanta Panda in his tirade against Nabin Patnaik

Why I support Baijayanta Panda in his tirade against Nabin Patnaik , most non-performing , corrupt and not-at-all-transparent Chief Minister in Odisha.

Let me make it very clear, I am not at all supporter of B.Panda nor even any BJD leader. I have never met Sri Panda in my life except TOI program on RTI moderated by Sandeep Mishra where we both were guest and shared dais.   Rather ,  I have been instrumental in exposing his  helicaptor issue and illegal acquiring of school Land at Choudwar joining with Biswajit Mohanty and Satya Prakash Nayak.  Because of  this expose,  my work has always got lesser coverage in OTV. But I have not bothered about it.

But the issue which he has raised about loot and corruption by I AS officers and Ministers has relevance. Though late, He has rightly pointed out and exposed how I AS officers have joined hand with Ministers to loot Odisha. It is fact that  magnitude of loot of State exchequer and corruption made  during Nabin regime has never happened in history of Odisha since independence.  Mining Scam worth loss of one lakh crore , Land scam masterminded by BJP and BJD ministers and their kith and Kin , top bureaucrats  in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack worth thousands of crore, Chit fund scam worth 40,000 crore , Dal scam worth 4000 crore suppressed by vigilance are few top scams which Nabin Patnaik has personally patronized it. Despite public reaction and civil society demand for CBI inquiry into mining scam as per Shah Commission recommendation, Nabin Patnaik never recommends for same.
Other side of the story is Whenever party colleagues raise any issue within BJD party or question leadership, Party strategists take immediate  strategy to defame that leader by  bringing a lot of old charges against him even Nabin Patnaik  himself went to the extent of instituting false  vigilance enquiry against him and using other Law enforcing agency to harass him. That melodrama is orchestrated in case of Baijayanta.

On Baijayant Panda tweet, few people have started campaign against Baijayant to keep Nabin in safer position. They are raising old issues like Electricity waiver of 2300 crore against IMFA company , illegal mining operation and Land acquisition by IMFA in social media. The moot question is who have patronized IMFA and waived fee and provided all opportunity to Baijayanta to commit this illegality. It is none but Nabin Patnaik and his father Biju Patnaik. The people who are demanding Action against Baijayanta are not  accusing Nabin , the man who has protected Baijatant in every and masterminded using OTV in best way as Sarakari TV.

Time has come to realise and understand dirty  trick of Nabin Patnaik and his strategist to keep him clean just to cheat the people for another few years. The younger generation have already understood it and reacting strongly in social media.

Baijayant Panda should be encouraged to bring to limelight name of corrupt IAS  officers who are looting Odisha and using Ministers for their vested interest.

Maladministration, misgovernance and corruption under Nabin regime has destroyed economic backbone of Odisha. Everywhere you will find skeletons not human being.

Pradip Pradhan

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