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Classification of Urban Roads by Govt. of Odisha

Classification of Urban Roads by Govt. of Odisha

Few days back, there  was debate in media centring around wild allegation  that  the State Govt.  is going to change name of  State Highways to urban roads in order to help  owner of liquor shops   who have been  debarred from running their shops  within 500 meters away from State Highway or national highways.
Following it, RTI Application was filed to the PIO, Dept. of Works, Govt. of Odisha seeking information about the decisions taken in this regard including copy of the file noting.  On 11.5.16, the PIO has supplied the following information.

A.       On 12.4.17,  the Works Department, Govt. Odisha  has issued  notification no. 5200/W/ROADS/   under the head “ Classification of Urban Roads under Works Department” that Govt. has been pleased to classify all road sections of Works Department  falling within the limits of Municipal corporation, Municipality, NAC, Sub-Divisional headquarters, Block H.Q. & Tahasil Head Quarters as “Urban Roads”. The road shall be improved taking all urban characteristics into account  under state plan for improvement of roads.

This notification does not cover National Highways  passing through urban roads.  

B.     From the file noting it was found that  Chief Engineer, DPI&R  vide his letter dated  9.1.16 218/WORKS/2017-Page-1 has given the following suggestions  for improvement  and maintenance of the Urban roads  by the Works Department in a holistic manner.

i)     All roads  of Works Department  falling within the urban limits like NAC/ Municipal corporation/ Municipality including  Sub-Divisional headquarters, Block H.Q. & Tahasil Head Quarters irrespective  of present nomenclature, may be declared  as “URBAN Roads”. If a part of ODR/MDR/SH falls  under the urban limits, then the same  stretched  be delinked  from its  original classification and be renamed as  an URBAN Road with appropriate nomenclature.

ii)   Dedicated fund provision may be made  in the budget  for improvement  and maintenance  of these URBAN Roads. 
This file was presented  for taking Govt. approval  to declare all stretches  of roads falling in Urban areas  either independently  or as part of ODRs/MGRs/SHs and maintained  in the books of PWD as URBAN Roads.
This suggestion was approved by Chief Minister on 12.1.2017.

On 12.2.17, it was ordered  that Chief Engineer, DPI&R  to be requested  to submit  the list of roads  to Government  for issue of notification.

Pradip Pradhan


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