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Performance of Advisor to State Planning Board in Odisha

Performance of Advisor to State Planning Board in Odisha

Since several years, State Govt. has deliberately kept State Planning Board non-functional in Odisha.   To satisfy their party leaders,  the State Govt.  has appointed in 2009 Sri Surendra Nayak, former Minister  and  Sri  G. Bhaskar Roy, BJD leader  in 2015 as Vice-chairman of  the Board.  These vice-chairman have never conducted a single meeting of the Board.  The meeting of State Planning Board  has  not been held  since 8 years.   

However, on 13.11.2014,  the State Govt.  appointed Sri R.N.Das, retired bureaucrat as advisor to State Planning Board, Odisha when there is no  functioning of the  Board.   It is very interesting to be noted here that State Planning Board has not been constituted till yet.  

Now,  the question comes,  whom the advisor is giving advice when there is no planning board.   To make an query about performance of Advisor to State Planning Board, Application was filed  to the PIO, Dept. of Planning  and Convergence, Govt. of Odisha   seeking information  about his appointment, work entrusted to , his performance as Advisor  in the state.  On dated 7.10.16, the PIO  has provided the following information.

1.       The State Govt. vide resolution no. 14834/P, Bhubaneswar, dt. 13.11.2014 appointed Shri R.N.Das, former secretary to Govt. of India as Advisor to the State Planning Board.  He will focus on Skills Mission,  food production,  Food Security Mission and shelter etc.

2.       The information   was sought about copy of the documents relating to advice, if any given by him to State Govt.  But  the PIO  has declined  to provide  that document. Rather he has provided   two-page note on advice given to   different Dept.    The gist of the note is as follows.

a.    Agriculture Dept.  has been advised  for long term arrangements to be made  for timely supply  of certified seeds to the farmers for paddy, oilseeds like mustard and groundnuts , special initiative  for production of  sufficient  quantity of  certified seeds inside the state.    

b.    He has conducted meeting with Secretary and other officials of MSME, ET &ET, IT and PR Departments.  Besides that  meetings  have been held with private organisations  such as  the IL & FS, and L& T  which are engaged  in implementing  skill development programme with a view to expanding  their activities  in this regard.

c.      Rural housing/ shelter progress of implementation in the districts  has been monitored  from time to time.  The advisor  also visists  different districts  to review the development  activities  and implementation of  different schemes  of Govt. by  the collectors.

d.    Revamping  the planning proess both at  state level ad distriuct  level with the objective to make it more professional ad people’s oriented, the Govt.  has constituted  a committee  to suggest comprehensive measures  to strengthen planning  process and institutional  arrangements. The Advisor    has been appointed  as  Chairman of the  committee.

3.    The Advisor  has  been provided free   accommodation,  four-wheeler, personal staff, telephone,  refreshment, periodical charges, stationary articles etc.  He  has not received  salary and allowances till yet.  In July, 2016,  the State Govt.  has paid  Rs. 13,70,000/-  towards medical  expenses     and payment of Air Ambulance  for his treatment.

Sajay Sahu
RTI Activist
M- 8658416694

Date- 21.12.16 

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