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85% of the people are eligible poor in Odisha

85% of the people are eligible poor   covered as beneficiary under NFSA in Odisha

RTI Application was submitted to the PIO, Dept. of Food Supply and Consumer Welfare, Govt. of Odisha seeking information about number of beneficiaries  covered  under  National Food Security Act and total amount of subsidy  given from State budget  towards one rupee rice scheme,  total card seized from the beneficiaries  and FIR lodged  and withdrawn later on. On 19.10.16, the PIO supplied the following information.

1.       Total beneficiaries under NFSA as on 18.8.2016 are as follows.  
Antodaya Anna Yojana Households ( AAY HH)
Beneficiaries under Households
Total NFSA beneficiaries
Ration Cards
Ration Cards
Ration Cards

Comments-  The Central Govt.  has   restricted  number of beneficiaries  to be covered  under NFSA upto  3.26 crores  for Odisha. But  the State Govt.  has still  balance of  around 9 lakh people  to be covered  under NFSA.  Till August,  85 lakh families  are covered  under NFSA in Odisha.  Besides  that thousands of applications of eligible poor  families are pending in different blocks offices for the ration card.   It is proved  that  more than 85% of the families  in Odisha   are  poor  for  which  they  have  been covered  under NFSA due to their food insecurity.  Tall claim of the State Govt.  that  the  economic standard of the people  have improved  is  proved false.    

2.        Subsidy  given  from State budget  for  spending  towards  subsidised  rice  scheme  from  2009-10  to  2016-17  is  as follows.
Budget provision
Expenditure  ( in crores)
847.84 crores
847. 84 crores
 984.29 crores
924.44 crores
984.29 crores
971.15 crores
1196.84 crores
1182.66 crores
1312.06 crores
1283.40 crores
1403.00 crores
1212.08 crores
1403.00 crores
1117.78 crores
830.00 crores

3.              Following provision 29 of Odisha Public Distribution System ( control) Order , 2016, the State Govt.  filed  FIR and initiated criminal proceedings  and recovered cost of the grains from the ineligible  Households  who have taken card.  These are  as follows.
FIR Lodged ( number)
Ineligible persons  arrested 
Cost recovered
Cost recovered  from  number of persons
4.              In view of  rising  discontentment  among the people  who  suffered  due to police action and arrest,  the State Govt.  amended  the PDS ( Control)  Order, 2016  terming it  as  Odisha  PDS ( control)  Amendment Order,2016  making a provision  that  if any person  holds  ration card  and coming under  exclusion criteria , but  he returns  such ration card  on or before  the 30th  September , 2016 , no  action  shall be taken against him.
5.       While  releasing  Govt. order dt. 9.8.16,  the State Govt. instructed  all Collectors  to refund the recovered cost  to the  beneficiaries  who  have surrendered  their  cards  and withdrew  all criminal  actions  initiated against them.  However, the  surrendered  cards  would  remain  cancelled  till a  beneficiary  claims  it back  with proof of eligibility.  

6.              The beneficiaries   covered  under  rural housing scheme like Pradhanmantri  Awas Yojana or IAY or Biju Pucca Yojana  should not  be  debarred  from getting  benefits under NFSA.  The 9th exclusion criteria  will  not be applicable   to the beneficiaries  covered  under the above schemes.

Pradip Pradhan

Date- 24.12.16 

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