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Open Letter to Sri Naveen Pattnaik, CM, Odisha on Mahanadi Water Dispute

Sri Naveen Pattnaik
Chief Minister, Odisha

I came across news aired in TV Channels about your appeal to individuals, voluntary organisations and political parties seeking their suggestions on Mahanadi Water Dispute issue on the eve of tripartite meeting to be held at New Delhi on 17.9.16.

As I understand, since two months, your Government have been unilaterally organising series of agitations, rail rock against Chhatisgarh Govt., sending party team ( not Govt. expert team) to Chhatisgarh to assess use of water of Mahanadi and details of dams and barrages constructed on Mahanadi. But your Govt. has neither shared any information to the public about Mahanadi water dispute nor disclosed the report of your party team. The people of Odisha are also in dark about reason for cancellation of the proposed visit of expert team of your Govt. to Chhatisgarh. Since last two months of discourse on Mahanadi Water dispute in the state, you have not taken into confidence the common people, individuals and Civil Society Groups nor showed any interest to involve them. It is also disheartening to note that you have also turned down the proposal given by Sri Narasingha Mishra, leader of Opposition for conveying all party meeting to take up Mahanadi issue collectively.

It has also come to our notice that you have given a statement in media that “YOU ARE FULLY PREPARED”. What does it mean? Can you please share how you are full prepared and preparation made by you for resolving water dispute. What is the plan of State Govt. for its solution? Sharing of this information is prerequisite to give any suggestion to State Govt. on the said dispute.

Last but not least, as you are a learned man and having outstanding experience in administration, I personally request you to come down to the street for public discourse on Mahanadi issue and directly interact with the people about the issue and its solution. I also appeal you not to be engaged with public through your officers or party spokespersons who are confusing the people of Odisha without knowing anything about Mahanadi water dispute.

Looking forward to your kind response.

With Regards
Pradip Pradhan, Social Activist, M-9937843482
Date- 12.9.16

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