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High Profile lunch in state capital vrs malnutrition death of Tribal Kids

Appropriation Lunch arranged in State Guest House by Finance Minister for Ministers, MLAs, Senior officers of all Departments and Journalists on 13.5.2016.

On 9.6.16, RTI Application was submitted to the PIO, Department of Finance, Govt. of Odisha seeking information about details of decision taken at Govt. level for appropriation lunch arranged by Finance Minister on day of passage of appropriation Bill including copy of file noting and details of guests invited and food menu arranged  for guests etc. As the money has been spent  for appropriation lunch from state exchequer in name of tradition,  every citizen of the state has right to know how the rich Ministers, MLAs and officers are enjoying high profile lunch along with costly food menu paid not from their pockets.

When People’s representatives ( BJD, BJP and Congress ) and officers are enjoying high profile lunch from state exchequer,  at the same time,  the children of  Primitive Tribal groups thorough the state are being  died of malnutrition and hunger. The question comes who is responsible for it.   

On 14. 7.16, the PIO has supplied the following information.

1.      As per previous practice, Minister, Finance hosts a lunch on the appropriation Day in which all Hon’ble Ministers, Hon’ble MLAs, Senior Officers of all Departments and Journalists are  invited.  This year also  Hon’ble  Minister, Finance has desired  to host a lunch  on the appropriation  day i.e., 13.5.2016. Number of invitees for the lunch  is around 800.

2.      All Ministers, MLAs, senior officers of all Department, officers  of Chief Minister’s office, senior officers of Governor’s house, senior officers of Odisha Legislative Assembly, Member, Board of Revenue, D.G., Police, Director of Vigilance, Commissioner of Commissionerate , Police,  photo journalists and  senior journalist of all news paper and electronics media were invited for lunch.  Lunch was arranged for 800 people.  Total amount was spent for lunch was Rs. 3, 15, 364.00.

3.        20 types of costly Food Menu arranged  for lunch

i.       Jeera Fried Rice
ii.      Cream Mushroom Soup
iii.     Plain rice
iv.     Dal Makhani
v.      Veg Malai Kofta
vi.     Parwal Masalla
vii.    Sagabhaji
viii.   Chana Tarkari
ix.     Chapati
x.      Panner Butter Masala
xi.     Chilly Mushroom
xii.    Muttan Kassa
xiii.   Chilly Chicken
xiv.   Prawan Malai ( 400 )
xv.    Fish fry
xvi.   Papad
xvii.  Salad, Curd
xviii. Dahibara
xix.   Chhena Pais
xx.    Ice Cream ( V/S/B/S)

Pradip Pradhan, M-9937843482
Date- 20.07.2016 

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