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Despite order of Governor, Odisha, no police enquiry conducted against Achyut Samant, founder of KIIT

Order of Governor, Odisha to enquire into illegal Activities of Achyut Samant, founder of KIIT and forcibly acquiring private land is simply ignored, bypassed and put in dustbin   by Commissioner ate of Police, Bhubaneswar, exposed through RTI.

On 7.8.15, a group of  senior  Citizens i.e,  retired Engineers, professors, retired OAS officers  had  submitted a petition  to Hon’ble Governor, Odisha  seeking  an enquiry  and action against  goondasim  of  Dr. Achyut Samant, founder, KIIT who has forcibly  encroached  their land    in Pathargadia since 10 years  and  developed  KISS Adivasi  Residential Vidyalaya.  The content of the petition signed by them is as follows.

A.They had purchased around 10 to 12 acres of land in Mouza Pathargadia since 1983 and taken possession of their respective plots constructing boundary wall. But Sri Achyut  Samant and Pramod Sahu, so-called  land acquisition officer of KIIT with the help of  some local  and hired  Goondas  prevented  and attacked us, when  they attempted to enter into their respective plots. Every time, whenever they tried to enter their land, the hired muscleman of Achyut Samant obstructed them from entering into their field. Sri Achyut Samant has also threatened them dire consequence, if they try to enter into the premises of their land.

B.By forcibly acquiring their 12 acres of precious homestead land ( DSR value of this  land is 9 crores per Acre) , Sri Achyut Samant has developed KIIT Tribal School which he claims  model tribal  school in Odisha  and marketed it  as part of his so-called image building  exercise.

C. It  has also been mentioned  that   on 24.8.14,  some of the Press Reporters  of print  and electronic media   had  accompanied   them to Pathargadia area   for  physical verification  about  unlawful  encroachment  of land  by Sri Achyut Samant.  The  hired goons  of  Achyut Samant  attacked  the press  reporters  in front  of gate of  KISS Adivasi Residential  school, dragged  them  on the road , torn their  documents , broke  the vehicles of the Reporters and  confined one of the claimants  for  about 3 hours  inside the school campus.  Immediately FIR was lodged against Achyut Samant and his goons but no action taken by police till yet. The then Police Commissioner, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commissionerate had assured them for detail enquiry and give them justice. But alas, nothing happened.

D. In their pursuit to get justice, they have run from pillar to post approaching   Police Commissioner, Secretary, Home, Chief Minister, Odisha, Minister for Revenue and Disaster Management several times, but in vain.

E.Having failed  to recover the land  from  Achyut Samant after  hard persuasion  at different level, one of the owners i.e, a senior  Citizen  got  terribly  shocked  and expired  due to heart  attack.

F. At last, they  approached  Hon’ble Governor, Odisha  and  submitted petition  on 7.8.2015  seeking  justice  and  get their land returned  illegally  occupied  by Achyut Samant.

G.  On 9.9.2015,    the  Governor sent  the petition  to  Secretary, Revenue and Disaster  Management, Govt. of Odisha, Collector, Khurda for  enquiry  into the allegation  and submit the report.

H.  On 21.11.15, the Collector, Khurda sent this petition to the Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar to enquire into the matter and take appropriate action at your end.

On 9.6.16, RTI Application was filed to the PIO, office of  Police Commissioner, Bhubaneswar  seeking  details of  Action Taken on the petition referred by Governor, Odisha. The PIO  has  supplied the following information on dated 29.6.16.

A.On 8.12.15, the Deputy Commissioner of Police sent the petition to the IIC/Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Infocity police station to enquire into the matter. But the ACP did not conduct any enquiry into it.

B. On 21.6.16,  a reminder letter has also been sent from office  of Deputy Commissioner  of Police, Bhubaneswar vide letter No. 5247/DHRPC dt. 21.6.16   to the IIC, Infocity  police station for enquiry report.  

Though  one year  has  passed,  the Commissionerate police  has failed  to  enquire  into the  allegation  against  Sri Achyut Samant despite order  being  issued  by  Governor, Odisha. The unholy   criminal nexus of Sri Achyut Samant and Police Commissioner  is quite  visible  in the state.  The concerned, senior  citizen  are  being tortured, humiliated and harassed  by both police and Achyut Samant. Forget the fate of the Common people.

The petitioners were Sagram Keshari Mohanty, M-9438182775, Ramakant Nayak, M- 9238971183, Ajaya Badjena,
Pradip Pradhan

Date- 5.7.16 

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