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Seminar on “Criminal nexus of Chit Fund Companies, Real Estates Business and Ollywood Actors

State  level  Seminar  on  “Criminal  nexus  of  Chit  Fund Companies,  Real Estates  Business  and  Ollywood  Actors  and  use  of  Black money  in Odia Film  Industry“

Venue- Lohia Academy, Bhubaneswar,                  Date- 1.7.16

 Dear friends

As you are aware that   Mass Media  has made wide  coverage  the news  about  loot  of  crores of Rupees from  the  common  people  by  two prominent  Chit Fund Companies  like  Ma’ Tarini  Estate private  Limited  led by  so-called  Film Maker  Sri Niranjan Rana  and  Oscar  Chit Fund  Company  led  by  Sri Pravas Rout   in the name of  providing  plot/ house and  use  of  this money  in  Ollywood  industry.   These   two  Film makers  have   used  the   Film Actors and Actress   by paying them   huge money   for  popularizing  their  Companies  to attract  the depositors.  The Film Actors-turned Politicians, MLAs and MPs of  Biju Janata Dal  have been  immensely  beneficiaries  of  this Chit Fund Ghotala.  With crores of rupees  being looted  by these Companies,  they  along with  Film Actors have spent  money  lavishly  and enjoyed  their  life  beyond expectation.  The  involvement of Ollywood Actors-turned  BJD MPs  in Chit Fund Scam have created political storm  in the state. The opposition political parties have demanded arrest  of these BJD MPs. Odisha Crime Branch, the investigative  agency  is trying hard  to protect  these BJD MPs and yet to call  them for  interrogation.  Now few  Actresses  have come forward leveling serious   charges  against  Papu Pum Pum for   sexually  exploiting  the  newly  entrant  Album heroines.

In this  context,  a Civil Society  Discourse  is being  organized  at Lohia Bhawan,  on 1.7.16 at 10 am.  We are  inviting  leading Civil Rights Activists, Senior journalist, Film Makers, Actress, Lawyers  and  Chit Fund  depositors,  Social Activists, Film Producers  Association  to  participate  in the debate  and  share their  views with the participants.  We  hope that  concrete plan  of action will be evolved  to fight out these  issues  in the greater interest of the state.

We request  all of  you to  join  in this seminar  and  give your valuable inputs

With regards

Pradip Pradhan                                        Jayant Das
On behalf of  Social Action Groups         State Convener
      M-9937843482                                  Chit Fund  Affected Depositors’ Forum
                                                                  M- 9437160009

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