रविवार, 5 जून 2016

Cost of a Meal for MLAs is Rs.2000/- , exposed through RTI

Chief Minister, Odisha  makes Payment of Rs.2000/- for  a meal  of MLAs, but allocates  Rs. 300/- per month  only towards   pension of  Destitutes and Widows in the state.

As aware you are, the last assembly session ended with disruption of Assembly by opposition MLAs and adjournment of the house by the Speaker  for days together without debate and discussion on pertinent issues affecting the life and livelihood of the people of the state. However,  after suspension of the Assembly, all the MLAs  irrespective their political hues  got assembled together  over high profile lunch   arranged  by Finance Minister in the State Guest House  on the day of Appropriation for the Year 2016-17.  As per the information obtained through RTI on 30.5.16,  it was found that  Total amount of Rs. 3, 15, 364.00  ( approximately Rs. 2000/- per Meal) has been  incurred towards arrangement of  Lunch for MLAs.

However,  the State Govt.  has not been able to increase  pension  amount of Older persons, widow, destitute  under different pension scheme till yet.  Under various pension schemes like Old Age Pension Scheme, Widow Pension Scheme,  Madhubabu Pension Scheme, the beneficiaries are given just Rs. 300.00 per month to meet their basic requirement  including food. Though  many organisations have been demanding to increase the pension amount  at least Rs. 1000.00 since years together, the State Govt. has not  taken any steps in this regard.  The MLAs must think twice  about the  deplorable of condition of these sections of the people while taking  high profile meal from  state exchequer.

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 5.6.16

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