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Odisha Information Commission to supply the decision of their cases in Odia Language

Odisha Information Commission to supply the decision of their cases   in Odia Language

Appeal to all Complainants/ appellants to ask the copy of their decisions in Odia language from Information Commission

In reply to an RTI Query dated 24.2.16, the PIO, Odisha Information Commission had provided the information that Sri Srikant Biswal, an Odia Translator had been appointed in 4.1.16 to provide to the complainant/ appellant the decision of Odisha Information Commission in Odia language.  The PIO has also stated that as no complainant / appellant has sought the odia copy of their decision, the Commission has not yet supplied any copy of their decision in Odia Language. It deserves to be mentioned here that the so-called Odia-loving people appointed as Information Commissioner like Sri Tarun Kanti Mishra, Sri Jagadananad Mohanty have hesitated and could not be able to write their decision in Odia language.

 In 2013, Sri Nilamani Joshi, eminent RTI Activist of Bolangir district    and English-illiterate person had written a letter to Odisha Information Commission to take the photocopy of the decision of his Second Appeal case (SA- 773/2013) in Odia language. Sri Tarun Kanti Mishra who is acclaimed as best Odia litterateur (?) refused him to give the decision of the case  in Odia language . Sri Joshi challenged it in Odisha High court. While adjudicating the Writ Petition No. 19851/2013 dated 26.8.13, the High Court gave the direction to the Department of I and PR, nodal Dept. for RTI to take decision with three months for appointment of translator in the office of Information Commission.

The Dept. of I and PR created two posts of Translator after getting concurrence from the Dept. of Finance.   It took around 3 years by the Govt. to carry out the order of the High Court. After a lot of so-called correspondence among the Dept. of Law, State Selection Commission and Odisha Information Commission,  a single translator has been appointed  in the office of Commission to provide copy of the decision of  cases in Odia language. But it is interesting to note here that   the Commission has not yet sent to anybody  copy of the decisions in Odia language.

Pradip Pradhan

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