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Complaint filed in Odisha Human Rights Commission seeking immediate enquiry into Brutal Attack on a Boy of 10 years old

Complaint  filed  in  Odisha Human Rights Commission  seeking  immediate enquiry into Brutal Attack on a Boy of 10 years old , son of RTI Activist of Kendrapara district, Odisha 

This is the first ever case  in  Odisha  of a child  being suffered  and mercilessly attacked  by miscreants  due  to  efforts of  Father i.e., RTI Activist to expose  corruption through RTI.   

On 25.5.16,  a  Complaint  was filed by RTI Activists  in Odisha Human Rights Commission  seeking  immediate enquiry into Brutal Attack on a Boy of 10 years old , son of RTI Activist of Kendrapara district, Odisha and  inaction  of the police. RTI Activists  Sri Pradip Pradhan, Sudhir Mohanty and Pratap Sahu have appealed  to the Commission  to immediately issue direction to the Director General of Police to appoint a special team to enquire into the matter and take necessary legal action against the culprits and direct  to the Superintendent, S.C.B. Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack to provide free treatment to Suvam Rout and award compensation of Rs. 5 lakh  to Kalandi Rout, a poor labourer for the loss and suffering due to attack on his child.

That,  On 10.5.16, Suvam Sarathi Rout, a ten year old boy, s/o- Kalandi Rout, Vill- Bhagaban Pur, Post- Marshaghai of Kendrapara district was physically attacked by miscreants in the night around 1 o’clock, when he was asleep. The miscreants entered Kalandi’s house with target to murder the boy. They attacked the boy with weapons causing heavy head injuries. When the boy cried, the miscreants ran away in dark night. The parents could not identify anybody. The boy lost the sense due to heavy bleeding.  Immediately, the parents brought the boy to Cuttack and got him admitted in Star Hospital, Jobra. After week-long treatment with expenditure of Rs. 2 lakh and finding no improvement in the condition of the boy, the parents ensured her admission in S.C.B. Medical, Cuttack.  Suvam is in Central I.C.U. and fighting for survival.

This unfortunate incident has its background. That Sri Kalandi Nayak , a poor villager  and daily wage labourer of Marshaghai Block of Kendrapara district found  misappropriation of  around Rs. 15 lakh fund in repair of  Udayabata Upper Primary School and mismanagement of  fund for  Mid-Day-Meal by the Head Master of the School, Block Education Officer  and District Education Officer. He filed RTI application  to the PIO, office of Block Education Officer,  Marshaghai seeking  information about details of fund sanctioned, utilised  along with copy of bill and vouchures.  The whole administration got disturbed having seen the application and tried to convince him to withdraw the application. When Sri Kalandi remained determined to pursue the application and also filed first appeal petition after denial of information by the PIO, he received a lot of threats call   of murder from different people.      He has also got the information that a coterie of powerful people including Chairman, Marshaghai Block and Officials and Contractors are getting organised to attack him at anytime.  It is presumed that the attack on his son Suvam in mid-night is the result of the conspiracy hatched by the said coterie. Besides taking steps to ensure admission of  his  severely injured child in hospital, he has filed FIR  in Marshaghai police station ( IIC  Mobile No- 9437523699) on 12.5.16. Though more than 10 days passed, the Inspector-In-Charge  has not taken any steps to nab the  culprits. 

On 25.5.16,  a fact-finding Team of Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan comprising  Sri Pradip Pradhan, Sri Sudhir Mohanty, Sri Rohan Mohanty, Sri Debesh Das, Sri Pratap Sahu, Smt. Sanjukta Panigrahi  visited  S.C.B.  College and Hospital Cuttack   at 11 am. They  met  and discussed with the parents, Medical Staff  and with Dr. Sanjib Mishra, HoD, Neuro-Surgery  about treatment of the child.  The condition of the boy is still critical. His life is not out of danger. However, the Team got  convinced  that  proper treatment  is given to the child.

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 26.5.16

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