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Open Invitation for 9th State Convention on “Right to Information Act ”

Open Invitation for 9th State Convention on “Right to Information”
Venue- Institute of Engineers, Bhubaneswar, Date- 6th and 7th , May 2016

Aware as you are, Right to Information Act   which came into force partially from 15th June 2005 and fully from 12th October 2005   has completed ten years of its implementation in the country including Odisha. Within this short span of 10 years, the law has not only brought some transparency and accountability in the administration but generated debate and discourse for   people’s centred democracy. The law has proved a potential weapon in the hands of the common citizens to fight out corruption in the system and also for asserting their rights and entitlements. Besides, the citizens have also used the law to monitor the implementation of Govt. plans and programmes and for tracking   the status of their grievances. But, the strident march of RTI Act has also demanded a heavy price -   a good number of RTI Activists thanks to their zealous endeavour to expose corruption have fallen prey  to the  criminal nexus of bureaucracy and vested interests that sought to checkmate the ushering in of a transparent and accountable system of governance by all possible manners of heinous ploys. However, on balance, RTI has kindled the hope for deprived sections of society in a big way.  

The concerned citizens and activists  involved the in the RTI Campaign  are going  to celebrate 10th anniversary of implementation of RTI Act  in various forms, such as by organising  workshop, seminar, meeting and rally etc. in different states.  In this context, Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan a platform of RTI Activists, RTI Users, like-minded  intellectuals and academicians   working for effective implementation of Right to Information Act,2005 in the State of Odisha) has decided to hold a two-day State Convention on RTI  at Institute of Engineers, Bhubaneswar on 6th and 7th May,2016. Eminent RTI Activists of national stature and former Central Information Commissioners will address the Convention. Various issues relating to RTI will be debated and discussed in the Convention.

We invite all of you to join in the Convention. Lodging and Boarding have been arranged for all the participants. The Registration fee per participant has been fixed at Rs.100/-. Besides, we also look forward to the votaries of RTI Act for extending financial contribution to make the Convention a grand success.

Pradip Pradhan
State Convener

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