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Advertisement inviting Application for post of any Commission by GOO proved as Farce and Deception

Advertisement   inviting Application for post of any Commission by Govt. of Odisha   proved as Farce and Deception

The recent release of advertisement by the State Govt.  seeking application from the interested persons   for the post of  State  Food  Commission  has   given an impression that  the State Govt. is committed  to  maintain transparency  in appointment which is false.  

I would like to remind you that since few years, the State Government    has been making arbitrary appointment in many Commissions like Odisha Information Commission without following any transparent procedure and publicly inviting any applications for the said post.  For example, the appointment of Sri Jagadanad Mohanty and Prof. Radhamohan in the post of Odisha Information Commission was guided by whims and fancies of Chief Minister.   As because they are known stooges of Govt. and close to Sri Pyari Mohapatra,  then politically powerful person in BJD, they  got appointment  and proved  themselves as most inefficient  useless   Information Commissioner in history  of Odisha.  As  per the  information obtained through RTI,   the name of a person who may not be efficient  and deserving candidate  is  simply selected  for  the post of  the Commission overnight  by Govt, and  appointed  without debate  and discussion.  That’s why functioning of almost all Commissions are questioned by Activists publicly.

After protracted fight of RTI Activists against arbitrary appointment for years together,  the State Govt.  for first time  made public advertisement   inviting application for the post of Information Commissioner and Chief Information Commissioner.  By  releasing  the advertisement, the Govt. declared  its commitment to enforce transparency  in the appointment. But  the tall  claim of the Govt. was found false  when  the   Selection Committee headed by Chief Minister appointed two people  as Information Commissioner in  June 2015  without following any transparent procedure  which was exposed through RTI later on. The appointment  was  made as per their pre-fixed  formula.  The advertisement  was just  eye-wash exercise. That’s why the High Court  took the cognizance  of a writ petition  challenging  the Appointment of the Information Commission and issued notice to State Govt.

Similar arbitrary  procedure  has been followed in appointment of  Odisha Child Rights Commission.   This Commission has become  political rehabilitation centre  of  State Govt. as  the  people  who have got appointment  are  party worker of  Biju Janata Dal  or obliged  to  the said party.

It deserves to be mentioned here  that  the people  from Civil Society  who have  got appointment in different Commission  have proved  themselves  as trusted lieutenant of corrupt bureaucrats  and   degenerated the Institution for  their narrow vested interest. For example, Sri Jagadanand Mohanty  as Information Commissioner  successfully masterminded  in ensuring  the GA plot  in the name of his wife  in 2011 without making  any significant  contribution for RTI  in the state.

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 9.4.16   

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