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Secrets behind disclosure of ACR of Sri U.N. Behera in public domain

Secrets behind disclosure of ACR of Sri U.N. Behera in public domain

Few days back, I came across a news telecast in an electronics media about Sri Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha giving 10 out of 10 marks  in Annual Confidential Report (ACR) of Shri Upendra Nath Behera IAS Additional Chief Secretary to Chief Minister who is retiring next year.  In fact I was surprised by this news.  As I know ACRs are confidential internal-documents. They are kept under lock & key. Even the copy of  ACRs is  also denied to public  under RTI Act.  I got astonished how Media did access such confidential information.

For past few years, under disclosure scheme, ACRs are being given to concerned employees. In this case,  it is  clear  that Shri U.N. Behera had given copy of his ACR to media for publicity. It is  also part of Image building exercise  of  bureaucrats  like Sri U.N.Behera to  glorify  their career  publicly which might be affected  due to various misdeeds  and illegalities.  But good bureaucrats  having honesty and integrity never practise it. Sri   Naveen Patnaik is a politician. His remarks are not important because politicians’ ACR remarks are not given weightage by Govt. of India while assessing an IAS officer. With what motive Shri Behera had published his ACR through media is questionable. There are other IAS officers who have got outstanding remarks throughout their career. Why no one has ever given his ACR to media? Why Sri Behera has given? Is Shri Upendra Nath Behera IAS 1983 who is to retire in next year is doing publicity of ACR remarks of Naveen Patnaik to cover up his dark past and present?

It is reliably learnt that more than 20 letters have come to State Govt. from DOP&T, Govt. of India to inquire about doubtful SC Caste Certificate of Shri Upendra Nath Behera IAS, who has allegedly obtained a fake caste-certificate in the name of his adopting father Laxmidhar Behera of Jahala Mahanga and not in the name of his real biological father and mother. Thus, his caste certificate as an SC is allegedly fake. Three Files on this subject has been sent to Chief Minister and all 3 Files have not returned back for years. In this context, an FIR was also filed by Sri Ashok Mallik, Dalit Leader in Capital Police Station in 2014. 

Shri Behera has obtained a G.A. Plot in the name of his wife Anusuya Behera in Bharatpur Mouza in 2011 while he was Special Secretary G.A. by concealing his ownership of one Plot & house in Patia Mouza since 1997. Moreover, sometimes before his transfer from G.A. on 2-11-2012 he has removed first 12 pages from G.A. Land file of Anusuya Behera his wife which includes a false affidavit submitted by his wife in 2011. Sri Behera is avoiding inquiry into this. On 27.11.15,  a memorandum was submitted  by Civil Society Groups of Odisha  to Sri Gokul Ch. Pati, then Chief Secretary  demanding an enquiry into his land scam. No response has been received from Govt. till yet. 

His dark past also includes some matters as PS to Union Minister Sri Braja Kishor Tripathy and  as CVO DDA New Delhi, and as Special Secretary G.A.  for which CBI officers visit him from time to time.

Is UN Behera trying to cover up all this by publicizing his 10 out  of 10 in ACR given by Naveen Patnaik?

Pradip Pradhan


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