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Highest Forest Land illegally acquired by Dr. Achyut Samant, Founder KIIT

Highest Forest Land illegally acquired by Dr. Achyut Samant, Founder KIIT in Bhubaneswar, Capital city of Odisha  
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As per Forest Conservation Act 1980, the forest land cannot be deserved without permission of Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of India. Any Institution or Industry or anybody is acquiring / encroaching land is illegal on the eye of law. On Assembly question No. 1036 asked by Sri Krustan Sagaria, MLA, Koraput, Minister for Forest and Environment, Govt. of Odisha has replied that “ Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology ( KIIT) has illegally encroached 18 acres of forest land  in Patharagadia Mouza  under Bhubaneswar. The State Govt. has filed two encroachment case (Case No. 640/11 and 641/11) to recover the land from KIIT”.
Though five years have passed, the State Govt. has not been able to recover the land from KIIT due to unholy alliance of Dr. Achyut Samant with State administration. It is very interesting to be noted here that the Forest Dept. which is the custodian of forest has not taken a single steps against KIIT.

Similarly, without obtaining any permission from Ministry of Environment and Forest, IDCO ( Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation) has allotted 279.318 acres of forest land to KIIT and other agencies in Mancheswar, Chandaka Industrial area and Jayadev Vihar area.

It deserved to be noted here that CAG Report has exposed huge irregularities and illegalities and undue benefit granted by IDCO to KIIT in acquiring 82.087 acres of land causing revenue loss of Rs.252.54 crore from State exchequer.

Pradip Pradhan


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