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Utmost Secrecy is maintained in the matter of functioning of Judicial Commission Odisha

Utmost Secrecy is maintained in the matter of functioning of Judicial Commission   by Home Department headed  by  Sri Nabin Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha

Tall Claim of Nabin  Patnaik Govt.  as most transparent Govt.  was again  proved  false. The  Home Department  which  is under the control of  Chief Minister   is  not disclosing the information about  functioning  of  Judicial Commissions,  details of expenditure made  for their  functioning etc.

On 27.10.15,   RTI Application was submitted to the PIO, Dept. of Home, Govt. of Odisha seeking information about functioning of Judicial Commission.  The information sought for is as follows.

i. Provide copy of the Govt. Notification for constitution of Judicial Commission of Inquiry on Kalinga Nagar Police Firing, Kondhamal Riot and Chit Fund
ii. Provide copy of Terms of Reference for abovementioned three Judicial Commissions.
iii. Provide details of expenditure made for functioning of all abovementioned three Commissions.
iv. Provide information about details of salary/ remuneration/ honourarium / other perks   given to   Chairman of Judicial Commission of Inquiry on Chit Fund
v. Provide  the  date  on  which  the  Judicial Commission of Inquiry  on Kalinga Nagar  and  Kondhamal Riot   submitted  the report  to Govt.  and copy of Action Taken Report, if any  made  by the Govt. on these  Reports.
Sri S. Hembram,  PIO did not  supply the information  within 30 days i.e., statutory  time limit fixed   for supply of information under section 7(1) of the RTI Act.  Finding  no response, the first appeal was made to the  First Appellate Authority, Department  of Home   to  hear    the  appeal  and  dispose it  with direction  to the PIO  to supply the information free of cost.  

On 6.1.16, the First Appellate  Authority  heard the  case and  directed  the PIO  to  supply the information within 10 days i.e., by 16th  of Jan.16.   Till today, the PIO  has not  supplied the  information. On 18th Jan., I again wrote a letter to the FAA appraising him  about non-compliance of his order.  Till yet no response has been received from the  FAA and the PIO of the Dept. of Home.

Now , the people  must  raise  the question  is it the transparency of Nabin Patnaik Govt.

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 6.2.16

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